For practitioners of feng shui, the arrangement of objects, colors and amulets in any space is necessary to achieve harmonious environmentswhich according to this 4,000-year-old Chinese practice, are key to attracting prosperity and avoiding stagnation.

In feng shui, the arrangement of the objects of any environment must be reinforced with amuletssince these are the final touch of the desired balance and harmony with the cycles of nature that this practice seeks, which above all things considers that everyone is the creator of the things that surround their destiny, starting with their own spaces.

The amulets used in the practice of this ancient art seek to ward off the bad vibrations that haunt a home and its inhabitants. One of the best known for this purpose is the Turkish eye. This amulet is a protection against energy blockages caused by the malicious gaze of other people, which according to this belief can cause misfortune.

Another object that is always prudent to have at home or as a personal amulet is the mandala card.. This symbol contains small talismans that function as protectors against energies related to problems, fights, legal events and aggression.

Secondly, an amulet used in feng shui for personal and family protection is the symbol of the rooster. Having a representation of this animal in the home protects against gossip and tares, while attracting success and prosperity. In work environments, the rooster is used to get the most out of professional performance and avoid gossip among colleagues. In both spaces it should be placed as close as possible to the entrance door.

For those who, in addition to avoiding gossip and bad intentions, care about their health, the best thing is to make the symbol of a hand of Fatima. This amulet symbolizes the blessing from heaven that drives away bad luck and disease.

Likewise, for those who seek fortune and wealth, Chinese coins are the best amulet. These coins are a symbol of wealth and power; They are usually joined by a red ribbon as a representation of the correct flow of energies.

Using any of these amulets will enhance the flow of positive energies that are created in the environment. To be totally sure that they will fulfill their mission, when acquiring them it is important to clean them with sea salt and then sprinkle them with sandalwood incense, repeating the sacred word «om» and a personal request. Through this small, but powerful ritual, the energies of the new owner are transferred to the protective object.

Feng shui amulets are a protection against the most common fears that people face in different aspects of life.. The ideal is to identify the situation that is believed to block positive energies and choose the amulet designed to transmute it.