Element air signs, Aquarius, Libra and Gemini, are those that are usually the most free to express their emotions. Their nature is communicative, idealistic and mental. They are people who like to be theoretical and think before acting, those belonging to this element are considered very sociable people.

In friendship, since they have an immense heart are not selfish, they are very interested in the problems of others; almost as if they were theirs. They are affectionate, friendship is important to them. Air signs like to be accompanied, can assimilate different ideas and have the ability to see things from the point of view of others. In love, air signs need to feel free, it is somewhat necessary for them, so they don’t usually establish a relationship easily, they need their freedom to remain calm.

However, they may find their other half with whom they can share this feature. This element is compatible with signs of element fire, which have a great vital force that they obtain thanks to the air, they share an interest for action. This element is the stimulus that makes that powerful nature grow, they are balanced, hence the compatibility between these elements.

Regarding the relationship with element water, they are opposite by nature, however, there is a strong attraction between them. The air has a bigger sociable sense and the water needs to express its feelings more by agreeing on some aspects, being able to complement it although this is not easy.

The compatibility with earth signs is the most complicated since they have different principles.

Element air is more interested in the world of ideas, which, on the contrary, does not matter to element earth, its sense of reality is the fruit of the perceptions they possess through their senses. However, element earth together with this sign of reflective and idealistic power can learn to have a more exclusive conscience. But they would have to put a lot of effort in order for the relationship to work, it would be difficult to find an air and earth sign together.

With regard to the relationship between these two elements, they complement each other very well because they share the same characteristics, so they help each other. They tend to have a very good relationship. Between these elements, communication is very important. Talk about your aspirations and desires. However, there will be monotony, a lack of perspective in the relationship, which causes a lack of breadth. It would be great to share your thoughts, there must be a dialogue between these two elements.

At work, they are very smart, good at making decisions, having logical reasoning in a completely objective way, which helps them to always find the best way, they are visionaries they like to get involved in humanitarian activities, they are very reliable with ability to be managers, artists or writers.