Channeling with angels: Find out what it’s all about

A channeling with angels is an angelic healing that is done specifically to perceive the energy field of our personal angel and the hierarchies of Archangels and Angels that are working with our personal experience.

During a channeling, the person in relaxation will be able to perceive physical, emotional, spiritual or mental healing. She will perceive changes in her physical body due to the intervention of angelic therapy (different for each individual) of temperature and even visions of light-carrying angels.

Channeling is recommended not only to ask to be healed, but also to experience the Angelic presence in our environment. The manifestation will be something beautiful and full of love, something that you should not fear, the channeler will only be channeling to invite the Angels of the Divine area, of the area where the Christic God lives. Which is done with due protection and professionalism of the experience of the channeler.

General steps for channeling with angels:

Connection to the power within

At this point, the channeler enters a state of serenity, to enhance their abilities and contact their inner divinity.

Meditation to start the procedure

It is a small guided meditation that manages to open the capacities of the person’s unconscious. In this way, it is possible to develop perception within the same interior and begin to recognize ourselves as beings beyond our human form.


It is the process of Spiritual Channeling itself, through the method or instrument chosen by the channeler, who will hold a conversation with the entities present, telling them the reason for the consultation.

contact between energies

At this time people contact the energies of their guides and teachers, where channeling occurs. This is where we ask questions and talk with universal beings who offer us different perceptions of the way, the solution and healing of our problems.

Information Review

The information obtained (phrases, symbols and others) are analyzed and interpreted to provide an answer to the consultant. Some channellers usually record the sessions, so as not to lose any details.

back to the physical plane

At this stage, the person returns through the methodologies they have learned, where they managed to clarify their experiences through that conversation that allowed them to more clearly observe the steps to follow, the correct decisions and the most suitable way to move forward.

Pipeline Types

There are different types of pipeline. Messages can be received through the senses: auditorily, which is what is known as the gift of clairaudience, with images (clairvoyance) or through touch (kinesthetic). But you can also channel rational information or have the cognitive certainty of something (clairvoyance). Another way to channel is through emotions (clairsentience) and lastly you can also receive intuitive impulses, have intuitions.

Depending on the way of channeling the ways to materialize a message or energy, they will be verbal (oral or written), energetic, artistic-corporal, contemplative or in practical applications of daily life.

Pipeline with automatic writing

Cleanse yourself to receive before opening the channel. Depending on your interests and traditions you may find it necessary to do a full chakra clearing before channeling, this being a way of balancing and clearing your energy pathways. On the other hand, you may find a prayer, reciting a mantra, or centering yourself physically and emotionally more effective.

Then grab a pen and a piece of paper, or have a word processing document open on your computer.

Formulate your questions by writing (or typing) them clearly and concisely.

Relax as much as possible and make sure you are completely comfortable. Get down on the floor and center yourself, and focus on your true intentions.

Calm your mind, body and soul, and open your heart.

Summon your guardian angel (spirit guide).

Ask your guardian angel to open a harmonious channel for you.

Write down exactly what you hear, what you are told, any views or impressions you may have – all that is given to you without censoring or changing in any way.

Meditate on their messages and have faith that your subconscious and inner self are understanding and resonating with the messages.

With faith and trust and patience and practice, you will be able to clearly hear and interpret the messages from your angels and guides.

Spiritual information is always encoded in Light, so after channeling the messages from the angels, you may notice that you carry more light in your personal energy field or aura.

Channel through summoning

Another way to connect with the angels and archangels is through the invocation. With a simple prayer asking in this way:

“Angel of divine light, I summoned you. Manifest yourself in my life. Right now, show me your most beautiful face. Your sweetest voice. I need your guidance and from today I will be attentive to your signals, AMEN”.

You can pray this prayer and then pay attention to the things that happen in your life. Because through the coincidences the signals will enter. Your angel will show you what you need to see. This is another way of channeling with angels:

Channeling through angel cards

Another type of channeling with angels: it is through the cards. To do this you must get an angelic card game in your language, and make sure that the card game you get is easy to use.

To channel through the angelic cards, a very rigorous training is not required, the more times you practice reading Angel cards, the more intuitive messages you will receive spontaneously, the advantage of starting to read with Angelic cards is that you will begin to receive guide spontaneously. And you will develop a great sense of intuition through your mind; but everything lies in the practice the more practice the more training.

Recommendations for channeling with angels:

Start using a journal for your dreams

As your mind goes deeper into this journey, it may become more and more difficult to distinguish between your dreams and your waking state. Some symbols will surround you and come to your mind at unexpected times.

Do deep meditations

It is important to learn to calm your mind and let go of tensions or frustrations so that you can experience your angels’ guidance clearly and without feeling bogged down by ego mind thinking, doubt, or fear.

Try different types of pipeline

Delve into the different types and adapt the one that best suits you or the one that most vibrates with you. That is if you previously document each one of them.