Cerviz spiritual and biblical meaning (Stiff-necked in the Bible)

Cervix spiritual meaning We have received several questions about the cervix such as the following: Does the cerviz have biblical meaning? doCould you post about the cervix meaning in the Bible? Does the neck have spiritual meaning? What is the meaning of neck in the Bible? What does stiffnecked mean in the Bible?

Taking into account these doubts and questions about the cervix today we are going to clarify them, below:


General features

Physically, the cervix or neck is used to support the head and change its position from one point to another, from right to left, from bottom to top, from north to south and from east to west.

In the spiritual aspect, the neck is also used for the same purpose. At the highest level of our being, the neck is used to change the view from one point of life to another point of life and by being attached. With the head you can detect important aspects of the spirituality of each person.

In that sense, many Reiki practitioners can identify blockages in the flow of a person’s energy just by touching their neck, and that is because, in the cervix, energies can effectively accumulate that later degenerate into physical illnesses.

The accumulation of this in your body can even attract unbalanced spirits that feed on your life force. Hence, the importance of knowing more about the neck or cervix spiritual meaning.


its symbolism

Cerviz spiritual meaning #1 Seat of the points of the window of heaven The neck is the seat of the so-called “sky window points”.

Except for two acupuncture points (LU3 and PC1), all sky window points are located in the neck area. Specifically, these are: LI18, ST9, SJ16, SI16, SI17, BL10, GV16, CV22.

The points of the windows of the sky are important points of communication and passage of our energy. In particular, they favor communication between the head and the trunk, regulating the circulation of Blood and Qi and acting as strategic points to ensure the passage of Yin (pure Jin) to the head and the proper functioning of the sense organs. .


Cerviz spiritual meaning #2 Realization and fulfillment Chinese medicine assigns to the seven cervical vertebrae a spiritual meaning related to self-realization.

Seven (seven cervical vertebrae) represents the number associated by Chinese culture to Man as the union of three (number of Heaven) and four (number of Earth).

The five lower cervical vertebrae, anatomically very similar to each other, are related by some authors to the most material aspect of life.

Above them we find the epistle, whose etymological meaning is «to return, to return» and whose shape suggests a finger pointing upwards to indicate the path of the Dao.

In this scenario, therefore, the seven cervical vertebrae would represent a useful energetic pathway for the realization of this embodiment. Any blockage at this level would represent the difficulties encountered on this path.


Cerviz spiritual meaning #3 Place of somatization of emotions The neck tends to concentrate numerous somatizations, first of all those charged with emotions such as anxiety and fear.

In the presence of these emotions, while the back of the neck may manifest tension and stiffness (chronic muscular tension as armor), the front of the neck may be affected by dysfunctional manifestations linked to the difficulty of expressing accepted and processed emotions.

In this model, the neck is, in a certain sense, a “border zone”, a crucial place for the realization of two processes. On the one hand, the process of «acceptance» and «elaboration», capable of making emotions conscious. On the other, the process of «transformation», capable of translating these emotions into thought, word and action (change)

When this process of reception, elaboration and transformation occurs, the circulation of vital energy remains harmonious.

When this process is inhibited, the symptoms arise from the stasis of Qi and Blood in the neck, both at the posterior level (stiffness in the cervical area, pain…) and at the anterior level (a sensation of «lump in the throat», in Western medicine often related to disharmonies at the thyroid level…).

Therefore, certain problems at the level of the neck would represent the result, on the one hand, of the unconscious attempt to prevent the deepest unwanted emotions from reaching the head and becoming conscious (which would make decision, action and change indispensable). ). POn the other hand, from the difficulty of translating conscious emotions into equally conscious intentions and actions.


Other symbolism

Cervix spiritual meaning #4 (Pain in this area in general terms) The spiritual meaning of neck pain indicates that something is bothering you. It is also possible that negative emotions are affecting you and you do not realize what they are. To deal with this pain, seek baths or prayers that bring spiritual comfort into your life.

Cerviz spiritual meaning #5 (Pain in the left side of the cervix or neck) Pain in the left side of the neck is a reflection of this situation affected by your family relationships. These emotions run deep and you resist dealing with them when the only solution is to face your problems. Find a way to deal with them, before this pain becomes unbearable.

Cervix spiritual meaning #6 (Pain when moving to the right) Now, in case you experience pain when you do movements to the right. This is an indication that you are paying attention to material life and disassociating your emotions from this life. Give free rein to negative feelings such as greed and jealousy.

Pain in the right side of the neck is directly related to money or sex. This is the time to achieve your balance, which will only be possible if you value your life. Do not live only for immediate pleasure, if you continue like this the pain will only get worse and can reach an irreparable state.

Cerviz spiritual meaning #7 (Cervix pain when looking up) If you feel pain while «looking up», that is, looking up. This gesture shows a resistance to accept the spiritual side of life, not allowing a spiritual relationship with God. Consequently, you will be prevented from making this move if you continue to deny the existence of God.

Cerviz spiritual meaning #8 (Cervix pain when looking down) The act of looking down is a reflection that you are looking at yourself. The pain you feel when you look down shows this resistance, you have a hard time accepting yourself. This pain is the result of an internal fear that prevents you from completing this movement.

It may be that your self-esteem is low or that you have done something that makes you feel uncomfortable. Control your mood, find someone you trust to share your insecurities with, and soon you will be able to face it.

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In the Holy Scriptures

In relation to the questions, what is the meaning of neck in the Bible? And what does stiff-necked mean in the Bible? We can say the following: In Hebrew we have an expression, qesheh oreph, “stiff neck”. In the Greek we find the word sklerotrachelos, «stiff neck.»

Some versions also translate another Hebrew expression, chazeq leb, «hard of heart,» as «stiff neck.» The Portuguese version, however, is more correct, when it translates this expression as «obstinate at heart».

In this sense, we are going to detail the verses of the Bible where it appears stiff-necked more clearly.

  • Exodus 32:9
  • Exodus 33:3
  • Exodus 33:5
  • Exodus 34:9
  • Deuteronomy 31:27
  • Job 15:26
  • Acts 7:51

When we read the Old Testament, we can see that, since ancient times, the Lord called his Hebrew people as stiff-necked, stubborn, hard-hearted men, always resisting and deviating from his ordinances.

We saw the reaction of the people of Israel when they created the golden calf that was worshiped and celebrated, this due to the short delay of Moses when he went to Mount Sinai to receive the tables of the law dictated by our God.

Ruth, a Moabite, did not want to cling to her people and their gods, choosing to cling and be guided by the Holy Spirit, following divine advice.

Another important aspect to keep in mind: The continuous habit of being reprimanded and not corrected makes the person become, as they say, «hardened», hardened, accustomed to wrong behavior and without hope of healing.


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