Cell Definition (computer science and technology)

In computing and technology, cell can refer to a large number of different elements. In most contexts it is translated into English as cell. So, cell can refer to:

1 In spreadsheets, a cell is a single place where data can be entered into a spreadsheet. Cells are generally represented as rectangular and are located by a row number/letter and a column number/letter, and can be identified by a unique name, for example B4 (column B, row 4). A cell can contain text, numbers, formulas, or instructions. For more information read: cell (spreadsheet).

1.2 (active cell in spreadsheet) Read: Active Cell.

1.3 Cell address in a spreadsheet. See: Cell address.

1.4 Set of cells in a spreadsheet. See: range.

2 In web design, a cell is a single rectangle that belongs to an HTML table. A table can be divided into multiple cells. Each cell can contain its own information, as well as a unique image or background color and a unique border color. Cells can also be separated by what is called «cell padding,» which is the amount of space between the borders of a cell in a table and the contents of the cell.

Spreadsheet cells (use 1) and cells in tables (use 2).

3 Memory cell: Cell is the basic data storage unit of flash memory, it stores one bit. For more information read: memory cell.

4 Electrochemical cell: device capable of obtaining electrical energy from chemical reactions.

5 Load cell: transducer that is used to convert a force into an electrical signal.

6 Graetzel Solar Cell: method of producing electricity using a photo-electro-chemical principle.

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