At some point in our lives, all of us have worried about what the future holds for us, which is why since ancient times, man has resorted to many methods to predict it, and one of the most used even today is cartomancy.

Used to understand not only the future, but also the present, cartomancy consists of divination through cards, requiring telepathic contact between the card reader and the consultant, which, together with the wisdom contained in the cards, will allow answer certain questions related to love, health, money or work, among others.

In divination with this method, a deck specially dedicated to it is used, which is known as a tarot deck, the main ones being the following:

Marseille Tarot: It is the tarot of reference, it receives its name in honor of the French city where it originated at the end of the 15th century. The deck consists of 78 cards, classified into two groups: 22 cards that represent the major arcana and 56 that represent the minor arcana. .

Tarot Rider Waite: Created in 1910 by the occultist Arthur Edward Waite, it is one of the most famous in the world, since it not only maintains continuity in the tarot tradition, but also does so with images of everyday life.

Gypsy Tarot: There are several theories about its origin and one of them suggests that it was brought by the gypsy people from Egypt. The deck has its own arcana, which are unrelated to other tarot decks, which requires expert handling, especially since there are different versions.

However, for the prediction it is not enough to have a deck, but also to know how to perform the tarot spread, depending on the query that we want to perform and for this the most common will be:

The spread of three cards: It is one of the simplest, since the consultant chooses three cards at random, in which the first will show the past, the second the present and the third the future. If the answer is not clear, it is repeated a second or third time and the sum of the cards will give the answer.

Cross shot: This is made up of five cards that are arranged in the form of a cross, which gives us a global vision of our past, present and future, allowing us to identify the factors and circumstances that benefit or harm us.

The process seems simple, that is why many people are encouraged to venture into the tarot and the best deck to start with is that of Rider Waite, since his cards contain everyday images which are easy to interpret, it will only require positive energy, be clear about the question and learn with an expert to elucidate the meaning. Although there are many myths and legends regarding the use of cartomancy, just remember that the decision to use it or not will always be yours.