Buying titanium jewelry: 7 compelling reasons to consider it

Due to its attractiveness and charm, buying titanium jewelry today has become a popular alternative to gold and silver. However, this trend is not due to the fact that it is a new material in the world of jewelry, since it was discovered in 1791. Although it was only in the 1990s that technology allowed the use of titanium in jewelry, initially for making rings. But it is still a little-known metal.

Its popularity lies in the fact that it is a metal that has multiple advantages and unique characteristics. So it is not surprising that many men and women find titanium jewelry ideal for daily use and for any special occasion such as a wedding. Where they have become an economic alternative to traditional alliances. If you are considering purchasing titanium jewelry here are some compelling reasons why you should.

1. Titanium jewelry is strong and durable.

Titanium jewelry is very robust and has excellent resistance, which is three times more than steel. So it is able to withstand wear, deformation and any unfavorable conditions including water, sea salt, chlorine and even heat. An interesting fact is that if exposed to high temperatures the titanium rings will not heat up. So it can be kept in excellent condition for longer than other metals.

Its strength is perhaps not surprising, considering that it is a metal used in the construction of aircraft and spacecraft.

This great strength of titanium is not only incredibly valued in the aerospace industry, but also when making, for example, wedding bands. Well, by resisting almost anything, they become the ideal option for anyone who is not kind to their jewelry. In addition, it can perfectly complement the symbolism of a love that is strong for life.

Definitely, if you are thinking of a lasting gift for a loved one, buying titanium jewelry is a good option. You just have to opt for styles and designs that stand out.

2. Titanium jewelry is beautiful.

This metal offers us a unique, dark and shiny silver color. While white gold is much brighter and silver a bit whiter, for those who want a darker, brighter look, titanium is ideal. Especially if we have darker skin tones.

However, there are also colored titanium rings, which are often combinations of titanium, gemstones, and other metals. Since titanium is so hard, it works very well with softer metals embedded in it.

In fact, titanium jewelry can be anodized to vary the thickness of the surface oxide layer, with a variety of vibrant colors. This process is produced by heating or electrical discharge: the metal releases its oxides and changes its color depending on the temperature and duration of the process. You can find anodized yellow, pink, red, purple, blue or titanium black.

3. They always maintain their appearance

Another reason to buy titanium jewelry aside from a sleek and modern look, is that it will keep its good looks and color for years to come. Since being a non-reactive metal, it does not corrode over time and will not be affected by tarnishing. Therefore, they require little or no maintenance. Basically, titanium jewelry can last forever and is tarnish proof. So it is not surprising that they are a successful option for wedding rings.

Although titanium jewelry can be scratched, it will hardly scratch deeply. Being easy to repaint, for example, a ring without losing material, so your ring will be the same ring even after several repaints.

4. They are very light

Although when buying titanium jewelry you might expect it to be heavy as well as strong, the truth is that it is very light jewelry. In fact, they’re so light that you’ll barely even notice you’re wearing them unless someone reminds you how beautiful they are.

Another characteristic that makes them the perfect option to celebrate love through a beautiful wedding ring. As it will lift our fingers instead of pulling them down, proving that strength and comfort are not mutually exclusive. The lightweight nature of titanium jewelry will certainly make it comfortable to wear, even for those who are used to wearing other metal jewelry. Becoming highly appreciated for this.

5. There are titanium jewelry for men and women.

Although because it is a strong and resistant material, titanium is believed to be a manly metal. If combined with gemstones or other metals, titanium can also be very attractive to women.

6. They are hypoallergenic

Another benefit of buying titanium jewelry is that it is a pure metal. As such, it is completely safe and skin-friendly, so anyone can wear titanium jewelry without the fear of skin rashes or allergies from contact with it. Which means that if you are susceptible to allergies from gold and silver jewelry, you can always switch to titanium without worry.

Only two metals used in the jewelry industry offer this advantage, these are platinum and titanium. However, platinum is expensive, while titanium is a more affordable option for someone with these types of allergies. So if you like to wear rings on a daily basis, you can opt for hypoallergenic titanium rings available for both men and women.

7. Titanium jewelry is not very expensive

Another reason you’ll definitely want to buy titanium jewelry is cost. And it is that, despite the many outstanding qualities of titanium jewelry, it is incredibly affordable. So you’ll be getting jewelry pieces at a fraction of the cost of platinum or gold. Which makes titanium jewelry an excellent choice for those on a tight budget who don’t want to sacrifice style.

Ultimately, because of its strength, its almost weightless feel, its ability to resist tarnishing, its hypoallergenic properties, its beautiful appearance, and its low cost. We have more than enough reasons to buy titanium jewelry, especially if it is a gift for a loved one.