For the human being, using jade has become a clearly dependent habit. It ranges from its ornamental use to the use of properties and benefits for the body. It is, without a doubt, a useful supplement for health, wellness, beauty and spirituality.

For more than 7,000 years, jade has been used by different civilizations, which discovered the great value and power of this stone. For many they were amulets of protection, for others an implement of health and symbolic inheritance. Some saw her as an exuberant jewel. However, it is no longer a matter of the past, since its use is currently very common and frequent. Carrying a garment allusive to this stone, more than a beauty outfit, carries a meaning and a power that drags power.

Jade heals, protects, cares for, and connects the human being with his spirit. That is the case of brown jade, in charge of working with the balance of the body, mind and spirit.

If you did not know, brown jade is closely related to the harmony and balance of the spirit of the person and the environment that surrounds him. It creates a perfect hook of connection, achieving a power of concentration, reliability, harmony and comfort between the spirit of the person and the environment.

The stone has the Earth as its main element, hence the strength of its connection with the original, which allows all the pressures accumulated in these toxic environments to be discarded on that surface.

Frequently, this jade is applied in massage and relaxation sessions, in order to relieve tension. Likewise, to be placed on the pillow or near the bed, with the purpose of attracting tranquility; especially when you are in a new place and you want to adapt.

Similarly, the use of brown jade as a jewel goes beyond being a mere accessory piece. It carries with it a power that releases and attracts security and pleasure.

Brown jade must be taken into account for frequent use; knowing that it is not just a beautiful, elegant and luxurious stone, but a great mystery that will become an instrument of well-being. Enjoy it!