Brewer’s yeast is very beneficial in preserving our beauty. We can use it on the skin and hair, since it is ideal for preventing premature aging, because it prevents the formation of wrinkles, effectively combating flaccidity and helping to renew skin cells.

It is an effective solution in the fight against acne; its powerful components regenerate and deeply cleanse the skin. Applied to the face, it is excellent against impurities, due to its high content of B vitamins and large amounts of biotin. Here are some uses of this miraculous yeast to enhance your beauty.
Mask to prevent wrinkles: its preparation is simple, you will only need a teaspoon of brewer’s yeast, half a teaspoon of honey, fifteen drops of coconut milk, five drops of olive oil. Mix all the ingredients well, apply it generously all over the skin, keeping it for twenty-five minutes; then remove with plenty of warm water, tapping lightly with the tips of the fingers, until the skin feels relaxed.

Special mask for dry skin: prepare a smoothie with five tablespoons of brewer’s yeast, adding a natural yogurt, two tablespoons of almond oil, half a tablespoon of honey. Let it act for half an hour, rinsing with water at natural temperature; Doing it twice a week will keep your skin looking fresh.

Facial Cleansing: Mix three tablespoons of powdered brewer’s yeast with a little hot water and add a tablespoon of brown sugar. Place it on the face giving gentle massages, then leave for six minutes; removing it with enough lukewarm water, waiting two more minutes, to wash again with cold water from the freezer.

night cream: you can prepare a lotion, with a duration of five days; keeping it in a place where it is always kept fresh. To do this, mix ten level tablespoons of brewer’s yeast, one tablespoon of coconut oil, half a tablespoon of almond oil and the content of a soft capsule of vitamin E; Spread the mixture all over your face at bedtime. Remove the next morning with soap and water.

Tonic that prevents hair loss: Boil in two and a half cups of water, five tablespoons of brewer’s yeast with twenty-five grams of rosemary, three cayenne flowers, four cinnamon sticks and twenty-five grams of nettle, until reduced to one cup. Strain through a fine sieve, adding five drops of coconut oil with ten drops of apple cider vinegar; apply it to the scalp; use it twice a week, without rinsing. On the “YouTube” channel “LorenaturAll”, you will see the preparation of a hair mask with brewer’s yeast.

Brewer’s yeast is wonderful because of the fermentation process of the gluten that barley contains; Its magnificent properties have become great beauty secrets and an admirable ally to keep your skin young, along with perfect hair.