In bohemian jewelry, you can make use of your own style; since you can use what you like best and not necessarily what you are wearing at the time. However, some designers and jewelers have taken on the task of turning this style into a trend, creating very basic models that have now changed a bit, but keeping the simple schemes.

Bohemian jewelry leans towards a genre with simple materials, with the fearless use of natural compendiums. This peculiarity in jewelry originated in Europe many centuries ago and has been associated with gypsies and nomads; Today it is affiliated with the free-spirited people and the first big wave of goldsmithing was in the late 1960s and early 1970s during the hippie revolution.

It is usual that in bohemian jewelry, the simplicity of the elements of the environment is used; Likewise, the symmetry is not rigid at all, since the materials can have similar shapes or colors; but perhaps with different tones, sizes or irregularities, which allows its distinction. This grace is one of the essential values, where the pieces are mostly thick and heavy; although there are many, of bulky but light materials.

The most popular garments without a doubt are long necklaces, followed by thick bracelets, bracelets, earrings and pendants, rings are large pieces of jewelry with beautiful stones, flowers and many natural elements. Bohemian jewelry includes materials such as seashells, turquoise, amber, polished wood, pearls, leather, silver or copper wires; generally in these parts, a variety of components are used.

Bohemian jewelry also stands out, for linking with delicate fragments, joined at the same time with more artisanal segments. In addition, they are combined with a large number of garments, regardless of color; giving a splendid touch to the rebelliousness of taking advantage of quantities of jewels, confusing them with only one, in a balance between the strong and the delicate.

This jewelry shows geometric patterns and various organic figures; however, despite being an open way of expressing a style that sometimes goes towards a more daring category, you can obtain a sophisticated look, depending on the combinations and the different pieces to be used. Harmony in motion with these representations it can look better, in mixtures of clothing with white blouses, in light or neutral colors; likewise, with embroidery and in different transparencies; but if you prefer patterned clothes it is advisable to place bohemian jewelry with ethnic or geometric features.

Likewise, to wear them at night events or celebrations, it is advisable to wear them with “V” necklines, which provide a better display of them. Although it is difficult for bohemian jewelry to go unnoticed, because it defies all occasions and time, expressing its artistic side.

With bohemian jewelry, you will travel through landscapes, perspectives and watercolors, having nature as inspiration. It is the experience of playing with materials, which makes you feel free.