The trend of «smokey eyes» or smoky eyes has become very popular in recent yearsmarking a milestone in the history of makeup, thanks to the fact that it highlights the beauty of all women, regardless of their skin color or the shape of their face, since it gives a great impact to the look, however, it must have Be careful to apply the technique in the right way, and once you have mastered the procedure, achieving a flawless finish, you can try different colors to match your wardrobe or occasion.

Of course, achieving the right technique to achieve a striking look requires a lot of practice, and experimenting with different colors, brushes and details will make you an expert in the smoky eye technique.. Smokey blue eyes will be the sensationwill give your look a touch of light and mystery to your look, and will become one of your favorite makeup, as long as you know how to combine it and make it look subtle and delicate, since blue is an intense color and striking, especially for the eyes.

Before starting to apply eye makeup, it is recommended that you use a concealer and a hydro-nourishing base that match your skin and are not too greasy, in order to make the makeup last longer, as well as make your makeup stand out. , is better shaded, and that the skin of your entire face looks uniform and impeccable.

You must be careful when applying the concealer on your eyelids, and you must blend it very well, otherwise you will not be able to make the shadows adhere correctly to the skin and have a good intensity of color.

Ideally, use four shades of blue, preferably in a gradientto achieve the desired effect. When you have them, you should apply the shadows of lighter shades under the brow bone and from there go up the shade of blue, progressively intensifying as it goes down towards the mobile eyelid, leaving the darker shade you chose in the outer corner Of the eye.

You must be able to shape your eyes, it must not only be about putting color in your eyes, but it must achieve a balance that will distinguish a novice makeup from a professional makeup. To do this, you can use the narrower side of the eyeshadow applicator and mold the shape of your eyes, marking the socket and the lash line.

To finish, it is very important that you blend all the colors, so that the difference in shades is not noticeable, and you see a neat and elegant finish, with a simple gradient, but that will say a lot and give attitude and power to your look. If you want to give a more sober and professional look, you can finish the makeup with a “cat” eyeliner and apply a good mascara, which highlights your eyelashes and attracts attention, to look really impressive.