Black stones are also a symbol of power and exclusivity. In most cases, they are minerals processed for the use of personal ornaments; Generally, they are beautiful jewels, appreciated for their rarity and long life.

There is a variety of black stones used in the jewelry industry; some are evaluated primarily for their beauty, durability, and perfection; others, because of its intense color and because of some unusual optical phenomenon.

In this sense, the black stone is the favorite and most prominent by the designers of today and the women themselves, who use them as a basic accessory; In addition, they look for the best selection of this charming trend, essential to combine it with any outfit and occasion; Also, in engagement rings are becoming more common. However, we are going to delve a little deeper into some of them.

Jet: it is a hard and black variety of coal; of high economic and artisanal value that, once polished, it acquires a velvety shine. It is used in jewelry to make pieces of great beauty: pendants, cameos, necklaces and rings. Likewise, the best jet in the world is that of Asturias, Spain, which formed the basis of popular jewelry in much of the Iberian Peninsula; you too, jet were the amulets most used by all social classes in Spain.

Black jade: it is the most sought after and, in turn, the most difficult to find. The Mayans already used it in their occult magic ceremonies; the Chinese found in it a very important symbol of authority; For many pre-Hispanic cultures, it meant life and power.

The black color in jade is actually a very dark green but, due to iron oxide, it can appear black. In recent years, it has become a popular highly prized stone in fine jewelry.; the French brand Cartier has created a treasure based on black jade; incorporating it into your elegant style. A panther necklace in platinum, crafted from black jade. Elegance in all its splendor was impressed on this exotic piece, as a symbol of freedom and daring!

Onyx: It is a partially precious stone from the mines of Brazil, California, India and Uruguay. It is very hard; that is why it is used in carvings, as well as in the manufacture of jewelry; It is an opaque form of quartz formed by mixing it with silicon dioxide. Currently, it is widely used in the manufacture of beautiful creations of rings, pendants and bracelets.

black diamonds: black diamond jewelry looks amazing and mysterious; It also reflects current trends. The actress Carmen Electra received a black diamond engagement ring, by her boyfriend Rob Patterson. The black diamond is found in alluvial deposits in Brazil and the Central African Republic.

A piece of jewelry created from black stones is undoubtedly a dazzling piece of jewelry. It is more than an accessory, because it symbolizes style, power and elegance.