The world of colors represents a range of possibilities that give human beings the beauty of nature, and influence their lives in various ways. In this way, it is undeniable that colors exert a special influence from the psychological and emotional point of view on human beings, since they are present in everything that surrounds them, and there are even special therapies where color is fundamental.

This type of therapy is called chromotherapy or color therapy, which is an alternative way of treating diseases or conditions, which is considered a pseudoscientific vision that is based on the use of light and colors in the treatment of certain ailments or diseases that affect people, and that are treated according to the color that is beneficial for each one.

On the other hand, it is convenient before entering our main theme, which are black stones in jewelry, to remember that chromotherapy is based on psychological, metaphysical, physical and medicinal approaches, through which physical, psychic alterations are affected. and/or energetic, through the use of the chromatic spectrum in which sunlight is divided, which can be combined with the use of stones, that is, with gem therapy or stone therapy, which in turn are used according to to its energy contributions and its colors.

It should be noted that although our goal is to highlight the importance of black stones in jewelry, we mention chromotherapy and gem therapy, because it supports our approach that jewelry made with stones should be used to protect us from conditions, sensations, negative vibrations, feelings or thoughts that generate energetic lack of control, and therefore important diseases or conditions appear in any part of our body.

In this sense, due to the length of the subject, we are going to limit ourselves in this article to the use of black stones in jewelry, so we will describe the types of black stones that can be used in jewelry or can be carried individually in their wallets. or in their homes, with the purpose of influencing certain situations that we will describe below in each of the black stones that we present.

We start from the evidence that everything in the universe is made up of molecules that have movement, and that they are the ones that generate constant vibrations at certain frequencies, which can be positive or negative for the human being. In this context, there is a false belief that the color black should be related to the dark, the evil, the forbidden and the negative, but this is wrong, since this color has wonderful properties and virtues, which in addition to attributing beauty, exclusivity, mystical power, which make it exert significant energetic influences that help release and cleanse negative energies from the environment.

In this way, in the jewelry industry, a very important value is given to black gemstones, and they are valued according to different parameters that range from their rarity, durability, beauty, perfection and their tonality; Therefore, jewelry designers, aware of their energetic value, dedicate themselves to making garments designed not only to make modern women look splendid, but also to give them a touch of power, self-control, serenity and resistance.

In turn, it is said that jewelry made with black stones helps the person to protect themselves from bad energies and envy, as well as to harmonize the chakras, improve concentration and memory and cleanse environments of bad energies.

Agate: This precious and striking stone, which is not actually a mineral, but is considered as microcrystalline varieties of quartz, which originate from volcanic rocks in sizes ranging from centimeters to meters, exists in different shades, and mainly helps to release energy by eliminating stress, as well as to ward off bad dreams and nightmares.

andradite: This is a stone that is not used as much as the others, but it has great beauty, being known as the stone of the brave, because it has the ability to strengthen the mind and eliminate fear.

Jet: This stone is a fossil material that originates from trees that lived in the Jurassic era, being well known and used in many parts of the world, for its great energy power, which serves to protect against the evil eye.

black opal: This stone is very showy and manages to attract the attention of stone lovers, its most recognized property being its great energy vibration that helps control depression, apathy and those situations in which the mood falls and the person feels weak and unwilling to do anything.

black pearl: these spheres of mother-of-pearl, present in the soft bodies of molluscs, are considered precious stones for their beauty, singularity and symmetry, and in turn for their well-known property of absorbing the negative energy existing in the environment of the person who wears them, favoring communication and justice.

black diamond: Diamonds are very well known by all as the most desired and expensive gemstone that exists, but within the range of diamonds is the black diamond, which is very rare and does not form like common diamonds, being found mainly in countries of the African continent and in Brazil, which makes them much more expensive.

Therefore, it is considered the most valuable stone on the market, due to its indestructibility and exuberant beauty, which make it a delicacy within the world of the most powerful energetically powerful stones, so much so that it is attributed the property or ability to unite the mind with the body, reinforcing the inner strength and power of the people who wear them.

black jade: This stone that the pre-Hispanic considered as the carrier of the maximum energy of the universe, is a symbol of authority known as «The Shadow of the Lover» and is generally related to life and power. It is only found in four parts of the world: Japan, Burma, California and Guatemala, where the largest Jade deposit in the world is located, located in the Motagua River.

Black Sapphire: This stone that represents wisdom, originates from magmatic rocks that are found in high depths. It is considered one of the rarest and most important gemstones in the world, after the black diamond, with which it competes in quality and price. It should be noted that the closest deposits of this expensive stone are located in Brazil and Colombia.

Black Spinel: Although it may not sound very common to many of you, this stone is found in some jewels of the British imperial crown, set with two rubies, as well as in the crown of Queen Catherine II of Russia. It has the property of controlling melancholy, sadness and low moods, so wearing them in chains, necklaces, earrings or bracelets is very beneficial on those days when you wake up without much encouragement, but you still have to go outside to start a new day.

black tourmaline: If you want to protect yourself from the negative energy vibrations of the environment, eliminate negative thoughts and feelings, resort to the use of some jewelry made with black tourmaline, which will surely help you achieve that perfect emotional state.

melanite: this stone is a variety of garnet, which is considered semi-precious; since it is composed of calcium, iron and titanium. Its best-known properties are its great ability to unblock matters of the heart, highlight the values ​​of honesty and love in conflict situations, as it helps minimize reactions where anger, mistrust, envy and jealousy are present. From the physiological point of view, it has the property of strengthening the bone system, favoring medical treatments in that part of the body.

Obsidian: It is a brittle hard material originating only in the volcanic soil of countries such as Canada, El Salvador, United States, Guatemala, Chile, Scotland, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Kenya, Iceland, Japan, among others. It has extraordinary energetic properties that help relaxation and meditation processes, to the point that some monks use it during their meditations in order to remove thoughts lodged in the innermost being.

Onyx: This stone has the property of strengthening perseverance, perseverance and strength to undertake any project or in the face of difficulties where it declines due to negative moods.

Rutilated quartz: This stone, widely used in jewelry and decoration, has the ability to lift spirits and minimize sadness, to release positive energy and cancel negative energies, which is why it is called «the stone of joy».

star diopside: It is considered the stone of inventors, because it increases creativity, fosters love and commitment between people, fostering positive environments where energy flows.

star garnet: this stone is found in deposits located throughout the earth’s surface, even according to Nasa, it is located in some rocks on the lunar surface. It has the ability to strengthen the creation and defense of our ideas, providing a lot of energy that gives the body health and rejuvenation capacity, which is why it is also known as «the blood of the earth». In turn, this stone can maximize the levels of violence in the individual due to its great energy power, so its use is not recommended for people with very strong characters.

Hematite: This black mineral made up mostly of metal, specifically 70% iron and ore, favors the elimination or minimization of negative thoughts that create situations of constant stress.