Black salt: benefits and esoteric uses

black salt:

Black salt is an unrefined salt from India with a strong sulfurous taste caused by the sulfur compounds contained in this mineral salt. Black salt is named for its pinkish gray color which is due to its volcanic origin. Not to be confused with Himalayan pink salt. The chemical composition of black salt is sodium chloride or potassium chloride, iron, various sulfur compounds.

Despite its name, Himalayan black salt has a rather reddish-gray color due to its volcanic origin. But what is really peculiar about this type of salt is that, instead of tasting salty, it has a quite characteristic smell and taste that are reminiscent of that of an egg. The reason for this curious quality is the high level of sulfur it contains inside, in addition to other minerals such as iron.

It is a very surprising condiment and we can find it in many vegan and raw vegan recipes, as it brings an exotic and gourmet touch to dishes. From omelettes to pastas and salads, Himalayan black salt is the perfect option for those looking to add flavor to their recipes without resorting to industrial white salt.

black salt: Benefits

In addition to providing a distinctive flavor to dishes, black salt is popular for its health benefits and its ability to store food. Its health benefits are innumerable, but the claims are very incomplete as no scientific research has yet been carried out on this salt.

Gastritis and stomach swelling

This important use of black salt comes with its ability to prevent constipation, stomach irritation, and many more stomach ailments. Be sure to include this type of salt in your meals to improve digestion.

The best alternative to sea salt

Black salt imparts a similar flavor to foods as table salt, but with fewer side effects. In addition, it also fights against a number of diseases such as arthritis, high cholesterol levels and impotence problems..

Therapeutic Benefits

black salt is a «refreshing» salt packed with therapeutic benefits. It can be used as a laxative and as a cure for intestinal disorders. It has benefits for the eyes, and unlike common salt it does not increase sodium intake.

For strong and healthy hair

The black salt will increase the natural growth of your hair, strengthen it and treat split ends. If you have dandruff or experience severe hair loss, we recommend taking this type of salt with tomato juice at least once a day. Not only will it stimulate hair growth, but it will also give it extra shine and luster.

Helps cure respiratory problems

Inhalation of black salt has benefited many people suffering from respiratory disorders, from those with the common cold to those with sinusitis, allergies, or asthma.

Today’s salt pan clinics are springing up all over the world, although this technique originated during ancient Greek civilization. Back then, this treatment was called Halotherapy.

According to ancient Ayurvedic culture in India, inhaling salt cleanses the nose and throat areas. Himalayan crystalline salt, i.e. black salt, is widely used for this purpose.

As proof of the success of this technique, the workers in a salt mine have an excellent respiratory system. Modern salt therapy includes Himalayan crystal salt inhalers. This technique is very effective and helps with problems ranging from the common cold to serious problems like sinusitis, asthma, allergies and hay fever.

salt and energy

Black salt: consecration

The consecration of the mixture is a controversial point among scholars of the occult. Some specialists maintain that the Black Salt is ready for use, once the ingredients are finished grinding.

Another group suggests accompanying the preparation process with a visualization of the purpose of the product (protect, purify, repel); while there are those who prefer to write down the intention on a piece of paper, and burn it with the herbs.

Finally, a more ritualistic conception of the process, invites to make mystical symbols in the air, on the preparation (a cross, a pentacle, whichever is aligned with the practitioner’s beliefs), and let it rest on the personal altar, for a month. (from one full moon to the next full moon), before using it. In this process, the salt is consecrated to the power of the 4 elements, or a deity of choice.

As on other occasions, the practitioner is recommended to experiment with the different procedures, and choose the one with which they feel more secure (or comfortable).

Black salt: utility

In general, Black Salt can be used in all rituals that involve the use of coarse (or coarse) sea salt, except in baths, because contact with the body can cause adverse reactions in some people.

Important: there are teachers who advise Black Salt baths; however, before executing them, it is advisable to carry out a skin tolerance test, 24 hours before, to verify if it does not cause allergy or irritation.

Within the practice of White Magic, Black Salt is used to ward off minor negative entities, placing a pinch in each corner of the room, or at the entrance of the home.

Likewise, it is used in the purification of stones, crystals and esoteric objects (amulets, talismans); or as an amulet against envy, by carrying it in a small glass container.

Anointing a black candle with Black Salt and burning it constitutes a purification ritual against negativity. Like drawing a circle around the house, with the preparation, to create a protection.

In manipulative magic, Black Salt is often thrown on the roof or in front of the door of an envious neighbor, or under the desk of an unwilling co-worker, to draw them away from the practitioner.