Bizarre money superstitions people believe

Superstitions bound all over the world and of course superstitions about money are among the most popular. They run the gamut from the unbelievable to the silly and bizarre. But whether we believe or not we all want a little extra luck, especially when it comes to money. Especially, if you consider yourself superstitious, you might be interested in knowing some of them. So we invite you to discover what are the superstitions about money which people around the world take very seriously.

8 Most Popular Money Superstitions around the World

1. Pick up a penny or coin.

Although you may run the risk of getting trampled or tripping over someone while doing so, an old money superstition says: “If we look at a penny or coin, and pick it up we will have good luck all day long.” Although no one knows the exact origin of this belief it is apparently believed to be an old saying from England.

However, apparently there are other rules about picking up pennies that take this belief a little further. Well, some people believe that you should only pick up pennies or coins that are face up or face up because they are good luck. But on the other hand, if it is a coin that is crossed or upside down, you should not bother to pick it up because it will bring you bad luck.

2. Itchy palms mean you are about to make or lose money.

According to the palmistry and hand analysis website, if our right palm itches this is a good thing, as it means we are about to receive money. So you should not scratch this itch or else you will prevent money from coming into your life.

Now, if the itchy one is the left palm that itches, it means that we are about to lose money. So, if you want to relieve the itch and protect your assets, you should rub your left palm on a piece of wood. It is said that this money superstition owes its origin to the Saxons, a German tribe that settled in Britain during the middle Ages.

3. Throwing coins into a fountain.

This is another of the superstitions about money that has become one of the most popular. And if we want the money to buy us some luck, in addition to spending it on lottery tickets, we can also throw it into a fountain or well. Although the origin of this superstition that has become a tradition around the world is not exactly known, it is believed that it could be older than many of us think.

For centuries, various cultures around the world have considered water to be sacred, as it keeps us alive. Therefore, not only wells but also the springs where it is found have historically been highly valued. In fact, they were considered so sacred that some cultures even believed that spirits inhabited them, and that they could grant wishes and blessings. Therefore, people would throw coins in gratitude.

That is why one of the most famous water fountains that thousands of euros are thrown into every day is the Trevi Fountain in Rome.

4. Money attracts money

A wallet or purse is a gift that can be charming. But if you want it to also be a lucky gift be sure to put in a coin or two. This is a very popular custom in many cultures and particularly in Greece, where it is strongly believed that “money attracts money”. So, as long as a person has just a couple of coins in their pockets, they will never be penniless and will be able to earn more.

But it is incredibly unfortunate to have an empty wallet or bank account.

5. A new beginning.

In many parts of the world it is customary to serve a special homemade bread on New Year’s Day. In this case it is a loaf of bread containing a coin, sometimes wrapped in aluminum foil. It is believed that the person who receives the slice with the coin inside will have good luck for the rest of the year. Of course we hope that if you do this you will not choke in the attempt.

6. Don’t put your purse on the floor.

This is one of the most common money superstitions in China and other Asian countries. According to the belief, this action is considered a bad Feng shui, because it is believed that the purse is seen as a symbol of your wealth. So, leaving it on the floor would be a great disrespect and disregard for money.

But whether or not you believe in this superstition about money, there is a practical side to it. For, placing your purse on the ground will make it easier for someone to snatch it or steal something from you.

7. Bird droppings bring great wealth.

In many parts of the world it is believed that being graced with bird droppings is supposedly a sign that wealth is coming your way. Even the more religious attribute it to being divine intervention or a sign from the Holy Spirit. While it is quite unhygienic many people claim that it has brought them a lot of luck.

This superstition dates back to the election of Pope Fabian in 236. It is said that when Pope Antero died, the Christian community gathered to elect his successor. As is normal in such cases there were opposing positions as to who it should be and of course they had no clear candidate.

However, at that moment, Fabian, a local farmer, approached the place where they were deliberating the election of the new Pope. Suddenly, a pigeon appeared on the scene and dropped excrement on the farmer. All those present interpreted this as a divine intervention and a sign of the Holy Spirit. So they decided that Fabian should be Antero’s substitute.

So, in that instant, this villager, who was not religious at all, became a priest, a bishop, and finally, a pope.

8. Say the word “money” when you see a shooting star.

There are several different versions of this superstition, but all of them say that we should say the word “money” when we see a shooting star. So in the same way we ask a shooting star to grant us a particular wish. It is also believed that saying the word “money” brings you wealth.

Some people claim that just saying the word once is enough to bring more wealth into our lives. But also, there are those who believe that we must say “money” three times or as many times as we can before the star fades. For the more times we say it, the more money will flow into our lives.