Many women would like to know the beauty secrets of Kate del Castilloa Mexican actress who has stood out for her great talent and has recently been involved in the well-known case of Chapo Guzmán, a Mexican drug dealer, to whom she would have done an interview with the American actor Sean Penn.

This beautiful woman who keeps herself very well physically is a sports lover, exercises a lot, and takes good care of her body since having become 47 years old on October 23, 2019, she looks stunning, with a very well defined body, a smooth skin and always youthful appearance.

Her great talent has made her stay in force on the cinema and television screens, a place she has achieved after her debut in 1980 in the movie “The Last Escape”, which was her springboard to then participate in about ten very successful soap operas in the world, standing out in her role as Leticia in the Mexican soap opera “Muchachitas”, recorded in 1991, giving way to her first starring in the novel “Magic Youth” in 1992, where she shared credits with Mexican actor Héctor Soberón.

In a recent interview for “People” magazine in Spanish, Kate del Castillo acknowledged that one of her beauty secrets has been the use of botoxto which she resorts to minimize the lines of expression of her forehead, and be able to look as beautiful as when in 1996 she participated in the music video “Fire at night, snow at day” by the famous Ricky Martin, which gave her artistic projection internationally.

Also, when asked about her beauty secrets, she refers to good nutritionto which she attributes much of her good physical condition, which she has preserved for years, and that despite her constant trips to different countries, working in films, television and theatre, she has been able to keep to look flawless, considering that it it is very difficult for her to constantly move and maintain a correct diet, as it happened in 2002 and 2003 when she made an international tour with the Argentinian actor Saul Lisazo with his work Love Letters, in which she had very little time to take care of herself.

All this journey based on work and talent has required sacrifices, but thanks to her perseverance, she has managed to remain in a place of honor within the group of Latin actresses in the United States, and at the same to remain beautiful and very young thanks to her beauty secrets, within which she includes a diet based on organic food. Her career and excellent projection of her made her deserve acknowledgment as one of “The Stars of the year” in November 2007 by the “People” magazine in Spanish.

Another of her secrets is to maintain a constant exercise routine Because Kate del Castillo has had to exercise strongly to play demanding roles, like the one she performed in 2011, when she played Teresa Mendoza in the series “The Queen of the South”, whose scenes required her to be in good physical condition.

Good nutrition and the maintenance of her physical condition have definitely been two of her great beauty secrets Because she has got roles that require physical skills, such as the ones he played in 2015 in the series “Paradise Owners”, where she played Anastasia Cardona. Then, in 2017, Kate del Castillo starred in the Netflix series titled “The Ungovernable”, which was also a success that keeps projecting her as one of the most sought-after Latin actresses with a great influence on the Latino public through social networks.

For these reasons, when talking about this Latin star, it is inevitable to want to know her beauty secrets, which are based on basic aspects such as her eating routine, physical exercise, which includes a discipline that is called functional in which several routines are done very quickly in an hour, and caring for her skin, for which she uses high quality products that fight the spots that she has because of the sun.

Also, Kate del Castillo, actress and businesswoman, acknowledged that she was previously exposed to the sun a lot but no longer does. She uses good sun blockers, drinks plenty of water to moisturize her skin, and also says that we should never go to bed without removing makeup and cleaning our pores to keep that skin smooth and enviable which she helps with some subtle applications of botox because she expresses that she cannot remove the expression on her face due to her work as an actress, but at the same time she does not want her wrinkles on her forehead to be marked.