Perpetual symbol of victory. Laurel earrings have turned out to be the latest object of desire among fans of good dress and fashion in general. Diverse materials, designs adapted to various styles, without losing the magnitude of elegance that its symbol maintains. Next you will know the profitable result in which the laurel earrings have been categorized.

What is a Laurel? The laurel is a perennial shrub, family of the Lauraceae, which is typical of the Mediterranean, and its most common use is in the realization of various dishes. However, the Laurel has had a symbolic weight in history, which has made it participate in important celebrations.

In both Roman and Christian culture, the laurel has a symbolic connotation of great weight. According to mythology, the laurel refers to the transformation of Daphne, a nymph persecuted by Apollo, who was saved by her father Peneus from her, by turning her into a laurel.

In view of this, Apollo did not slow down, and in order to get Daphne, he braided two laurel branches to use as a triumphal crown. Hence, the warriors, generals and emperors of Rome used laurel leaves as a symbol of victory.

Such a belief has managed to continue over time. It is currently one of the greatest trends in goldsmithing. Laurel earrings are the order of the day. In various materials, and even in jewelry designed for both the female and male public.

private faces. It is common that when choosing a piece of jewelry, the true benefit it will bring to aesthetic perception is not taken into account. However, this is a fundamental guide to recognize the best pieces of jewelry that will suit each particular face.

In the case of laurels with earrings, these are usually made with an elongated design, which, like each goldsmith work, has its own particular face. Oval faces are the ones that best suit this type of earrings. Although it is common to hear that this type of face is consecrated as universal, in the case of Laurel’s elongated earrings, they are usually the spearhead to look like a goddess.

Along with the oval faces, round faces also benefit from this particular type of earring. The measure to recognize a round face is to be proportionally equal in length and width. For this reason, the ideal earrings are elongated as well as angular. This special touch manages to avoid emphasizing the roundness of the face, looking naturally stylized.

In bronze, plated or bathed in yellow gold, the laurel earrings are suitable in a varied range of designs, being ideal for routine use, as well as for those special occasions at the end of the year. If you believe in good omens, ring in 2017 like a victorious empress, wearing a pair of these time-honored jewels.