The baroque pearls They are probably not the first ones that come to mind when talking about pearls. Generally, pearls refer to us as perfect pearly spheres and baroque ones are far from having this shape. So they are perfect for those who want the timeless classic charm of pearls, but who want a different touch.

These pearls have a distinct appearance with a modern feel and are also very versatile. They offer their wonderful pearlescent look with a unique twist, making the wearer stand out. Do you want to know more about baroque pearls? Take a look at everything you need to know about these so you can find out if they’re right for you.

What are baroque pearls?

They are imperfect pearls of irregular shapes and sizes, with dented and uneven surfaces. These often exhibit beautiful colors and shine.

Interestingly, blemishes do not look like flaws when it comes to these pearls. In fact, they stand out for their uniqueness. since there are not two baroque pearls exactly the same. So each piece of jewelry that uses these pearls shows something different.

All pearls look a little different in shape, size, and luster. This is probably why you are pearls have gained popularity lately. Well, they allow to show the personality of those who use them and make them stand out from the crowd. They are a modern and perfect alternative to the classic pearl.

What kind of pearls are baroque?

The term baroque in pearls refers to all those pearls that are not perfect spheres. In other words, if it is not perfectly round, it is considered a baroque pearl.

The most common type of These are freshwater pearls, and more than 90% of all pearls have different shapes. In other words, there is more baroque pearls What perfectly round pearls. However, you can find baroque shapes in all varieties of pearls, such as South Sea, Tahitian, and even Akoya pearls, which are known for being perfectly round.

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Types of baroque pearls

As we already mentioned, the baroque pearls They come in a wide variety of shapes, from small to large. In fact, there are more than 12 main types of these pearls to choose from. There are Keshi pearls, twins, potato, coin, baroque and rice. Not all are equally sought after in jewelry, and some are valued more for their pearlescence, shape, and brilliance.

baroque pearls

While this term refers to all non-spherical pearls, the term also refers specifically to pearls that are round and long, with interesting dips and dents around the surface.

Keshi Pearls

Keshi pearls are the rarest variety of baroque pearls and have a long, shiny appearance. Keshi pearls occur when the nucleus is rejected by the mollusk, but the pearl continues to grow without a nucleus, resulting in the elongated shape.

coin pearl

These are flat and round, which makes for interesting jewelry. They are shiny and have a very particular texture.

potato pearls

Despite their unusual name, potato or potato pearls are beautiful, lumpy, large pearls that generally have a good luster and tone.

tear pearls

As its name says, it has the shape of tears. They are perfect for necklaces or earrings as they dangle delicately.

stick beads

They are also known as BIWA pearls. These are spectacular because they are very thin and long. Unlike any other variety of pearls. They become statement earrings and statement pendants.

rice pearls

These baroque pearls are similar to small grains of rice. They are small and elongated, with an irregular surface. In jewelry they are perfect to be placed in clusters or worn in layers.

The value of baroque pearls

To determine the value of the baroque pearls, the most important aspect they focus on is the type of pearl. Most of these pearls on the market are freshwater, and these are not as valuable as other types of pearls.

Some other factors that determine the value of these types of pearls are their unique shapes, the size of the pearl, how well it reflects light, how shiny it appears. And, finally how unique is the color of the pearl. The darkest pearls are always the most valuable, due to their rarity. The setting in which the pearl is mounted also has a huge impact on the overall price of the piece.

So baroque pearls are generally less expensive than other types of pearls. Also, since most pearls are imperfect, they are easier to get. Creating a strand of baroque pearls is much less difficult than putting together a strand of perfect pearls. This is reflected in the price that makes baroque pearls a great alternative to expensive pearls.

Baroque pearls in jewelry

Whether in maximalist and bold designs or in simple and minimalist styles, baroque pearls are suitable for all tastes. They are versatile and can be used as statement pieces or simpler everyday accessories.

The beauty of these pearls is in their non-traditional appearance. It is a modern way of wearing pearls and stands out for being a mixture of the traditional and the avant-garde.


The strands of these pearls immediately catch the eye and make you look twice. You can vary the prominence of the necklace by choosing different types of pearls. Large, shiny pearls that display various colors are more elaborate and excellent as statement jewelry.

If whole strands of pearls aren’t for you, choose a plain strand with a baroque pearl charm. They are very elegant and modern in design, combining the elegance of pearls with the simplicity of a chain necklace.


Drop earrings or drop earrings add a touch of class and glamor to an outfit. If they are baroque pearls, they are more impressive! They are perfect to combine with an elegant dress, or with a casual outfit to achieve a balance between chic and urban.

bracelets and rings

Pearls are not the hardest gemstones out there and require a little extra protection. Especially when used in busy areas like the hands. However, they can last a long time with reasonable care and cleaning.

And whether you’re looking for a casual friendship bracelet or a classic pearl necklace to wrap around your wrist, baroque They will suit any style.

If you are someone who likes to wear unique designs or go off the beaten path and try something different, you will love these baroque. Plus, they’re not as expensive as classic pearls, so you have an extra reason to buy them. Baroque pearls are beautiful, timeless and unique choices in jewelry.