AT Keyboard Definition

The AT keyboard is a type of US standard keyboard, introduced in 1984 by IBM and used on IBM compatible computers.

The exact model is Model F (PC/AT), it has 84 keys, it was used in the PC AT (286/386). This model adds led light indicator for Caps/Scroll/Num lock keys.

From this keyboard comes the so-called Expanded Keyboard (Model M – Enhanced) that has 101/102 keys, very popular in the 1990s. It does not have additional keys like the Microsoft Windows keys and is in English.

An AT keyboard can also be used to describe those keyboards that use the AT port (Din5). These types of keyboards have been superseded by those that use the PS/2 or USB ports.

Some use the term «AT Keyboard» to also refer to the expanded 101/102-key model.

AT keyboard. CC Image License

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