Ask the universe: How to ask correctly

Here are the best tips to ask the universe correctly. If you have asked for it and it has not been given to you, you should know that you must change the way you do it. keep us reading

Tips to ask the universe

The Universe always responds: «Ask and it will be given to you» is a phrase that appears in many sacred texts. The first thing you should know is that the Universe always responds to your requests. Always. Without fail. Moreover, even before you ask, the Universe must have responded, since it reacts back to you according to the vibration in which you find yourself. Don’t you think so? Well, there you can find the reason why you feel that you are not receiving answers

The Universe is waiting for your requests

And it will mobilize all its power to create what you ask for. Which means that you have all the power of the Universe behind you. You are the creative power par excellence, and therefore, the Creator of your own life.

ask big

Believing and dreaming big is the first ingredient to obtain. The more you ask, the closer you will get to the goal; but if you are stingy and fall short of what you claim then you will receive much less than what you crave. Therefore, do not see limits in your purposes when it comes to asking.

Ask specifically

If you are going to ask the Universe for something, you must think of something concrete. The more specific the request, the better the Universe will respond.

It is the same thing that happens in daily life. We believe that having a more general desire brings us closer to our chances of fulfilling it, when it is exactly the other way around.

The more focused we are on what we want, the better the energies of the Universe will flow for us to achieve it.

Quantify your request and be realistic

This element is related to being thorough in how you express yourself, do not refer in general, nor in large or medium sizes, much less with unrealistic desires to comply, pronounce your words with the exact amount you require, with the specific person you want , with the ideal job.

When making your Request ask for Tools

In this sense, there is a popular adage that says “give a man a fish and he will have food for a day; teach him to fish and he will have food for his whole life”, that is what asking for tools in your request to the Universe is all about.

I am totally sure that the Universe will listen to you in a more impressive way, if you do it with faith and asking for the necessary tools to solve what you are asking the Universe for.

Look, if instead of asking the Universe for a million dollars, you ask for the necessary tools to earn a million dollars in a semester or a year.

And, of course, when you have strategies and mechanisms to achieve all your wishes, goals and objectives, you will gradually grow as a person.

release and deliver

Once you have made your wish, you need to release and surrender all control to the Universe. You cannot handle delivery in and out of your desire. The «how» is up to the Universe, so surrender all attachments to your desire and remain open-minded about how your desire will be delivered.

In fact, the more open you are willing to be, the easier it will be for you to recognize the magic of the Universe at work.

Act as if it has already been granted to you

This point is perhaps the most important, although it is directly related to the previous ones. Once you make a request to the Universe, you must act as if it has already happened. Moreover, the request, more than an expression of desire, must be a statement in the present and in the positive.

Speak positive.

The Universe does not understand negative words and phrases, so you always have to aim positive and as if what you long for is already a fact. There is a big difference between “I don’t want to be poor” and “I want to have a million dollars”, because when you make a positive statement, the energy activates and flows; while negative thoughts block.

Positive affirmations to attract prosperity

  • I am prosperous, abundant and happy
  • I am attracting all the abundance I want into my life easily
  • Prosperity and abundance come to me easily
  • It’s easy for me to be prosperous
  • I am worthy of having abundance and prosperity in my life
  • All the abundance I have brings happiness to my life
  • I have more than enough abundance and prosperity
  • I create prosperity in my life
  • Prosperity is within and around me
  • My prosperity and success are limitless

Trust in Divine Timing.

Another law of the Universe that is important to understand here is Divine Timing. What you have asked for will come your way when the perfect time presents itself. You have to trust that once you have sent your wish to the Universe you will receive it again at the perfect time.

After you cast your wish, continue to trust the process and keep the emotional feeling strong in your heart. After all, what you want is less about the object or person and more about the feeling it creates. This is the way you should ask the universe for what you want to manifest it in your life.

Thank the Universe

Another tip to ask the universe is to thank. Being grateful for what you get is part of recognizing that you didn’t do it all alone and that you know that without that magical force it wouldn’t have been possible. Giving thanks is energizing, healthy and also makes you happy. But you don’t have to wait to thank, whenever you talk to the Universe say «Thank you in advance» for what it will help you to obtain.

Phrases of Thanks to the Universe

  • Thank you Universe for all the good things in my life that I still don’t know about and have already come to meet me
  • Beloved Universe, today I appreciate absolutely everything. Everything has been necessary to be and be here and now.
  • Thank you Universe for all the good things I don’t know yet.
  • Thank you Universe, for removing from me any invisible governmental, planetary, extra-planetary control mechanism or system that is limiting my access to the abundance that is mine in its own right. I give thanks, I give thanks, I give thanks.
  • I thank the Universe for everything I have received and what is yet to come.
  • Saying thank you to the universe is saying I accept everything you have for me.
  • Thank you Universe. For creating encounters with people who have encouraged me to get to know and value myself. Thank you for closing doors that weren’t meant for me and opening the ones that are. Thank you for all the beautiful surprises that are on the way and for making me continue to believe in the magic that is in you.
  • Thanks to the Universe that provides me with everything I need.