Most rings subtly adorn women’s hands, but they are usually not enough to draw attention to an outfit. However, this premise changes when it comes to articulated rings; a trend that does not go unnoticed and that deserves a lot of personality to show it off.

The articulated rings are those that surround the entire finger and are adapted with hinges that allow the movement of the fingers. This trend began to cause a furor since 2014, when the most influential design houses in the world of fashion began to show them in their main collections.

There are many theories about the origin of these jewels, as we see them today. Some say that the inspiration comes directly from ancient Egyptwhere rings were used for the first time and other types of jewelry such as bracelets that already worked with articulated designs, while others maintain that the inspiration comes from the famous henna drawings that women in the Arab world make on their hands and In the feet.

In principle, this trend was related to the world rocker and Gothic, since the most common designs were skulls, dragons and other very specific models. But, as happens when a trend really works, other brands have reinterpreted the concept, proposing less ornate creations that are easy to adapt to any occasion.

The articulated rings achieved what other rings did not, and was to transform a look from simple to elegant in just a matter of seconds. This type of jewelry can be worn on any occasion, depending on the design. In this sense, there are models full of rhinestones, others made with thin lines and others with words and messages that any girl likes to wear, such as «Love» or «Peace», among many others.

Despite the size of the articulated rings, most of them are perfectly designed to be worn comfortably and not cause damage due to their excessive weight or thickness compared to traditional models. In theory, wearing a hinged ring would be enough of an accessory for the fingers, but in practice, these eye-catching jewels, and made to be noticed, can be worn with thinner rings on the other fingers; after all, it’s not a discreet trend, but one that loves “bling, bling” – worn with style – of course.

Rings are pieces that have been present in humanity since many centuries ago, when they were first seen in ancient Egypt and later in Rome, but today they are an essential piece for modern women.

Among so many versions, most of the classifications resolve to identify the diversity of rings in maxi rings and thin rings; clearly the articulated rings belong to the first category and precisely this variety, favors that today, they are not a fashion accessory but a timeless one.