The archangel uriel He is one of the seven archangels. He is called «Angel of the Presence of God.» The Archangel Uriel he is an archangel of light. For believers, he is the archangel that enlightens them and helps them to have clarity to find solutions when there is confusion and chaos. In addition, it helps them solve problems giving them peace and tranquility. You don’t have to be devout or religious to believe in this archangel, he can help you find abundance in his life and other gifts.

What does the name of Archangel Uriel mean?

The name “Uriel” means “the fire of God”. It represents the almighty force of the spirit of life. His essence is a flame of fire that represents his mission to awaken the consciousness of human beings with the fire of truth. He is the one who keeps track of the actions, feelings and thoughts of human beings throughout their lives.

Uriel is represented dressed in red or orange and gold, colors related to fire and its qualities of transformation, destruction of evil and spiritual illumination. He can carry a book or scroll with him, playing the role of observer for him.

The qualities of Archangel Uriel

  • He is the archangel of prosperity, abundance and divine wealth.
  • Governs the mental plane. It provides the necessary capacity to attract material or spiritual riches.
  • It governs thoughts and ideas, creativity, magic, judgment, universal knowledge, and the environment on Earth.
  • It represents the supreme force of the spirit of life.
  • It grants the gift of enlightenment, the realization of the Divinity within each person.
  • It helps when you are going through a learning stage that has been very difficult.
  • He is the provider of spiritual and earthly graces.

Similarly, the archangel uriel he is the patron of those who seek to eliminate ignorance. Protect all who love spiritual wisdom: teachers, spiritual leaders, priests, philosophers, rabbis, gurus, ministers. He promotes divine service and is the leader of the guardian angels. With his divine flame he helps to spread truth and wisdom throughout the world.

The virtues of archangel uriel make him the protective archangel of spirituality, wisdom and devotion to truth. Uriel worries that the path of the human being is not bumpy and his vision is clear. His fire ignites in the being the mission of awakening the human conscience in order to achieve peace and the glory of God.

Archangel Uriel’s Mission

Uriel’s mission on the earthly plane is to help overcome any difficult stage. In addition, he stimulates the channeling of the energies of abundance, bestows spiritual and earthly grace. Likewise, some of his most outstanding virtues are inner peace, harmony, provision and grace. He favors the creation of an environment full of harmony, conducive to fostering creativity and personal growth.

Signs of Archangel Uriel’s presence

You may have resorted to archangel uriel and feel that he has not heard you because he did not physically feel his presence. But, it is possible that she has already been in contact with you and has endowed you with her wisdom without you realizing it. Therefore, let’s see some signs that she has been in her presence.

Has gained new insights and wisdom

If after trying to summon the Archangel Uriel in a difficult situation you have a new perspective and understanding of it, it is very likely that the archangel has been in contact with you. This one has the gift of granting people divine wisdom. Therefore, he will have a new approach to the problem, moving away from the mundane and moving more towards the spiritual.

By connecting with Uriel people will become more aware of the presence of God and his angels. They will also have greater clarity to see the consequences of their actions and those of others. Likewise, they will be able to guide people along the path of righteousness.

Increased confidence

People who have been in the presence of the archangel uriel In addition to having a wiser way of seeing things, they increase your confidence. They feel safer and stronger. They act in a way that reveals their understanding of God’s will in their lives and in the lives of others.

Motivation to help others

These gifts are granted to humanity to help others. A true connection with Uriel will be life changing. People feel a responsibility to use their new wisdom for the good of others, not for their own benefit. This motivation to help others will also come with the ability to make positive changes in the lives of others.

Perception or sensation of light, fire and/or electricity

Archangel Uriel it is known as the Fire of God, and is associated with brightness, warmth and energy. People who have connected with Uriel report feeling a flow of electrical charge through their body. Some have also seen a flame or fire that burns hot and bright but does not destroy anything.

See colors, feel smells and sounds of Uriel

In addition to the sensation of light and fire. The archangel uriel It is associated with the colors white, gold, red, yellow and orange. When the archangel is present, you will smell the pungent and spicy aromas of sandalwood, cinnamon, and nutmeg.

He might even have a vision of a beautiful angel clad in leather and armor holding a flaming sword, or riding a chariot holding a bow and arrow. For more casual encounters, Uriel will appear dressed in a red robe with sandals or leather boots.

Uriel is also the Angel of music and poetry. Patron saint of artists and musicians, Uriel’s presence is always accompanied by the beautiful and poetic music of the Angelic choir.

Ritual to attract abundance with Archangel Uriel

On the web portal «Archangels and powerful prayers» they share a ritual to attract abundance thanks to the power of the Archangel Uriel. To do this we must light a white candle before starting the invocation, use essential oil of sandalwood or myrrh to open the senses.

“Archangel Uriel clears all the blocks that I have for my financial security, opens my paths and allows abundance to come to me to receive housing, food and sustenance.

I am open and ready to be guided to find the means I need to have abundance and fortune in my life.

Amen, Amen, Amen”

Perform the ritual to Archangel Uriel to clear negative blockages about money for 14 days in a row and you will see how new opportunities arrive, and fortune favors you.