Aquarius anger, what makes this zodiac sign angry?

The wrath of aquarius It is unleashed by facing prejudice and having to explain yourself to people who do not even want to understand them. Aquarians are always willing to let themselves be carried away by what life offers them. What annoys and makes others angry does not bother them very much.

These people do not want to follow the herd and the rules. If they’re angry, they’re not doing much to let others know what they’re doing, not to mention they’re quick-witted and can put people in their place with their harsh words. If you want to know what makes this zodiac sign angry, take a look! Here we will tell you everything you need to know about what triggers the wrath of aquarius.

What is an Aquarius like when they are angry?

People born under Aquarius never let their emotions get the best of them because they are the diplomatic type, no matter if it is work or personal life.

When it unleashes wrath of aquarius, these natives are not quick to come up with a plan for revenge. More than this, they are not the forgiving type and can carry grudges to the end of their days. They can be laid back and overly indifferent when trying to remove someone from their life, which means they can destroy the gifts they received and the memories they made.

Those who have hurt them should not wait to be forgiven because they can pretend that they no longer care about being crossed, but their blacklist is forever the same.

These people are deceitful when it comes to revenge because they always want to be the ones who are winning. However, they are not giving people enough importance, which is why they are not acting vindictively.

These natives are all the time out of place when it comes to their emotions, this being the reason why they do not commit to their relationships, something that is required for revenge.

People born under Aquarius are sociable and want to be loved by everyone. When seeking revenge, they want to continue to be seen as innocent, not to mention that they can give up on projects that they no longer have enough energy for.

These people are employing all kinds of social tactics to make others feel embarrassed.

They also rely on moral ideas to make their victims look bad and get things done quickly, especially in front of an audience. However, they have to do what they are doing and win the sympathy of others, or they will not feel that their actions are worth their efforts.

Things that unleash the wrath of Aquarius

Although they are often thought of as kind and noble, Aquarians have a passionate nature and a sometimes frightening temperament. Here are 6 things not to do if you don’t want to incite wrath of aquarius.

Attempt to blame or shame them

Aquarius people have a strong sense of their own worth that is resistant to sprays and attacks from other people. Aquarians may seem narcissistic to this end, but for them, it’s crucial to protect their vulnerable inner selves. Despite being a people-oriented sign, Aquarius does not allow others to dictate, control, or unduly influence the way they feel about themselves and their views in general.

In addition, they do not like manipulative and self-righteous people and can be harsh with those who try to put them on the defensive. Aquarius protects his ego and any attempt to attack it with finger wags and sanctimonious preaching will likely backfire.

betray your trust

Aquarians take loyalty and friendship seriously, so betrayal of any kind is a way to ensure that the Aquarian person never trusts you again. It will make it clear to former friends and lovers who have hurt you that you are not needed.

Aquarius can quickly demonstrate by pointing out how many people they have on their side who care and support them. Aquarius people can be harsh and even cruel to the point that they can even rally their friends to join them in alienating and excluding a person they no longer like.

The good news is that Aquarians are often willing to forgive and forget if you are willing to own up to your transgression and ask for forgiveness. Aquarians tend to put an end to their grudges because they recognize it as a waste of energy and quality of life.

try to control them

Aquarians are characterized by having a rebellious nature. They are programmed to challenge the established powers and seek a more balanced and equal distribution of power. That said, they resist people and organizations that encroach on their sense of independence and freedom.

It is important for Aquarius to feel in control of their lives, choices, and sense of identity. Even Aquarius women are willing to challenge the traditional ways in which women are expected to depend on men.

In their relationships, Aquarians can become restless whenever they feel cornered and restricted and will often seek to maintain an active life outside of their relationship. Aquarians value their individuality and respect the individualism of others.

hurt your friends

An attack on Aquarius’ friend is an attack on them. Aquarius people stand up for their friends and loved ones on principle. They have strong values ​​and ideals and are interested in being a force of goodwill in their community and beyond.

When it comes to their friends and comrades, Aquarius can be very protective and defensive towards them. If they witness or learn of someone mistreating their allies, Aquarius will often feel compelled to do something about it.

try to censor them

Aquarius is a sign most strongly associated with freedom of expression as a principle. Tyranny and authoritarianism are antithetical to the Aquarian archetype, which is associated with revolt and rebellion against oppression of any kind.

Aquarians have disdain for oppressive forces that try to silence or impose rules and values ​​that they do not accept as fair or just. Aquarians feel that it is very important to be true to themselves and also to tell the truth as they see it.

discard their ideas

Aquarius people have a penchant for having strange and unusual ideas and beliefs. Aquarians take their notions quite seriously, even when it may seem like they’re joking. Aquarius tend to take it personally when people dismiss them as idiots or crazy or question their credibility in general.

Aquarians can sometimes respond to their critics as being too dull and insipid to understand or appreciate the ideas they espouse. They often pride themselves on their intellectualism, and therefore any attack on their intellect can increase their confrontational and argumentative side.

How to calm the anger of Aquarius?

Aquarius natives would be the happiest if the planet was saved, as they are great and generous humanitarians. In fact, they are the ones who are looking for different programs on the Internet on how to save animals and how they can contribute. When they are part of something, they feel really fulfilled. To calm the anger of Aquarius, they should only be asked to participate in something that is adding value.