Angel of those born between June 28 to July 2 –

Pahaliah is the angel that symbolizes vocation and can offer you a spiritual life that lives up to your expectations. No one but him will be able to allow you to approach the divine. Pahaliah is an angel whose name means «God the Redeemer», he dominates religion, theology and morals.

It has a masculine energy and represents the 5th and 10th degree of Cancer. In the hierarchy of angels he is a Throne, he is part of the sefirah of Binah, and his ruling Archangel is Zaphkiel. His planetary energies are Saturn/Mars and he represents the element of Water. His name means: God the Redeemer.

He grants a harmonious spiritual life, sometimes based on vocations, and allows us to find within ourselves the secrets of the knowledge of good and evil. The guardian angel Pahaliah is a female angel who symbolizes vocation. That is why people who are born under the influence of it have a special connection with faith and the divine.

Spirituality is very important to these natives, which is why they are often faithful and quick to make themselves useful to others. The trials they experience are often an opportunity for them to learn lessons and to transform their fears and anxieties into courage.

How does it help us?

This name enhances our spiritual strength and a vitamin for our soul and connect with the Creator.

Pahaliah and this Name is of great power and strength.

If we want to see ourselves free from our ties, addictions and release our spirit, we must ask this angel and Name for help.

If we invoke with faith the power of the Name through its energy, we will cross our particular inner Red Sea and be free.

This angel rules over morality, redemption, spirituality, and theology.

Grant us revelations of truth and wisdom.

Help us find the right vocation, keep chastity.

To awaken from a religious vocation, seek arguments to convince unbelievers, protection against tendencies to debauchery and error.

Discovery of the divine laws that govern the world.

Save chastity.

Awakening of a religious vocation.

Arguments to convince the unbelievers.

Protection against tendencies to debauchery and error.

What is asked of the angel Pahaliah?

No matter what sexual problems you may be experiencing right now, pray to the guardian angel Pahaliah and he will deliver you from the evil that is eating you from the inside.

If you have health problems related to your lower back, allow it into your life to help you get through these difficult times with ease.

In times of difficulty, he brings you courage, moral and physical strength, and persistence. Thanks to these qualities he will be able to overcome difficult challenges without allowing himself to get discouraged, so do not hesitate to ask him for help and support.

Characteristics of the protected

Those born under his protection are usually people of high spirituality, lovers of the truth and of everything that is pure and clear. Their actions are often appreciated for being clean and free from convenience. They love to investigate and seek answers to all mysteries that nature poses to them, and due to their discipline and wisdom they tend to surround themselves with people similar to them. They seldom let themselves be carried away by their instincts or desires, because they know well that they will find peace far from temptations.

Those ruled by this angel are merciful, pious and benevolent beings, who find the path to enlightenment in the tranquility and peace that divine teachings grant them. They are reserved, lonely and complex people.

They will feel the need to convince of their beliefs but must be careful not to proselytize. They will convince just by being observed in their behavior.

They will also be people with a taste for theology, morality, possibly influenced by chastity and pious. It is not surprising in them a priestly vocation.

psalm to invoke him

To invoke his strength and power, first pray the chosen psalm or psalms, then call him by name and finally make the specific request you want to make.

» I called to GOD when I was in anguish, and he answered me. Free my soul, oh! God, of lying lips, Of the deceitful tongue.»


PAHALIAH: Redeemer God.

Eternal, deliver my soul from deceitful lips and wicked tongues.

PAHALIAH: Illuminate, Lord, my faith, so that I can contemplate from that door, the

truths of worlds that reason cannot yet penetrate.

Make, Lord, that my word bring to others the knowledge of your sublime evidences, and that

for those who have lost their way, may it be like a signpost.

Lead, PAHALIAH, my inner energies through the channels that deny the brain,

so that I can procreate with my higher organs and not waste my seed in vain

erotic games.

Give me the solitude that my thirst for meditation needs, and when your sacred science

overflow of my soul, bring me closer to the people in need of your splendor, to transmit

the seed of eternity.

Pahaliah exhorts:

In your feelings I have put the breath of eternity, and I have filled your mouth with words

warm for you to communicate to your brothers the eternal truths.

I want everything you say, pilgrim, to be as pure and unalterable as gold,

and I want your gestures not to deny the meaning of your words.

Flee from those who are too reasonable to understand distant truths and come closer

those who, like Sinbad, seek pearls in remote seas; approach the explorers

of the impossible, to those who feel the need to live in a fantastic beyond.

It is for those who inspire you, for those I reveal to you the prodigious destiny that the Eternal

Reserve humans.

Be you the precursor, the visionary, the prophet, the revealer of the eternal rules of the game;

one whose vocation is to speak face to face with the multiple faces of God.