Angel of those born between January 31 to February 4

Anauel is the guardian angel of people born between January 31 and February 4. He has a masculine energy and represents the 10th and 15th degree of Aquarius. In the hierarchy of angels he is an Archangel, he is part of the sefirot of Hod, and his ruling Archangel is Raphael. His planetary energies are Mercury / Mercury and he represents the element of air. His name means: God who is infinitely good

He symbolizes: Value and Health. It provides people with excellent health and helps to cure diseases. Protect people from accidents and guide the nations of the world towards a Christian spirituality. Angel Anauel’s birthstone is Sapphire and his colors are Green/Orange. Of the 7 disciplines of medieval scholasticism, he rules over: Logic.

Characteristics of the protected

Anauel’s protégés are highly sociable and have a clear talent for networking. They have a great practical and rational intelligence. People born under his protection know how to manage their money with a master hand. Anauel protects you from waste and gives common sense to your actions. Negative external influences are pushed aside to allow the native to fully develop, giving you greater independence. They also show courage and a lot of fighting spirit. Nothing scares them.

How does it help us?

  • The angel Anauel will help you if you have a tendency to get lost in the details, if you give too much importance to money or if you are a selfish person. He has the power to change your mind if you are the type of person who would do anything for money. He does this by preventing you from having faulty reasoning and being manipulated by your desires.
  • It prevents you from splurging, wasting and collapsing. It also helps to fix your inferiority and/or superiority complex on the intellectual level. He helps bring change to you if you have a tendency to believe you already know it all or if you are disrespectful, closed-minded, overly sensitive, or overly critical.
  • Anauel, help you with the connection of the virtues of Moses so that they awaken in you.
  • This angel channels the attribute of infinite beneficence of our Heavenly Father. It teaches us to know how to enjoy the things we have.
  • It instills the feeling of gratitude, teaches to know how to appreciate and value the small, and not only the big issues.
  • It gives us inspiration, inner clarity, lucidity and logic. Information management.
  • Its essence is always the perception of truth. It promotes innovation, research and discovery in all areas of knowledge.

He is the messenger par excellence: he receives and transmits messages from on high by inspiration.

  • Inspire great ideas. Transmit and elevate our meditation and our prayers.
  • Anauel is the angel of communication. Help with the exchange of commercial and monetary operations.
  • It teaches us to communicate. Healer and preserve health through preventive medicine.
  • It cures especially nervous and respiratory diseases.
  • It keeps our mental body healthy, teaching the effect of negative thoughts on health.
  • This angel is related to goodness and prosperity and is usually invoked to receive divine grace.
  • Also to confuse and prevent enemy purposes from being carried out.
  • It protects against accidents, preserves health and cures diseases.
  • It favors commercial and banking practices, protects against madness, waste of money and ruin.
  • It will adapt to any environment or situation with ease and speed, without worrying about security.

psalm to invoke him

To invoke his strength and power, first pray the chosen psalm or psalms, then call him by name and finally make the specific request you want to make.

¨Serve the Lord with gladness: Come before his obedience with gladness.¨

Psalm 100, verse 2


ANAUEL: God infinitely good.

Serve Yahweh with fear, pay homage to him with trembling.

ANAUEL, Lord, allow my moral objectives to be fulfilled.

Make my means be at the service of a humane and fraternal society.

May everything in me function as in heaven so that my harmony arouses in others

the desire for emulation.

Make me sensible, Lord, so that I don’t lose a drop of my economic power

in vain companies.

I want to be the financier of perfection that you represent, and I want you to send me,

Lord, projects to invest in, so that my gold becomes my light.

ANAUEL exhorts:

I have been commissioned to transform light into gold and I have chosen you to finance

the business of spirituality.

Moral values ​​cannot be expressed without a proper framework.

The love of God is a sterile feeling if it is impossible to communicate it,

transmit it, and in you I have placed the means so that this work can be carried out.

Try not to believe that you are the owner of your wealth.

You are a simple depositary of this gold, which you must keep available

of those who ask you in the name of God.

Thanks to your ministry, the people will open their eyes and see.

Many will be those who will be able to contemplate, thanks to you, the splendor of their own entity