According to astrology, synastry is a method of analysis of compatibility between one or more people based on the comparison of their birth charts, through this comparison the levels of affinity, attraction, points in common, points of conflict are studied, between many other factors or situations.

A natal chart, also called «astral chart» is a diagram used by astrologers that represents the planetary positions in archaeological signs and houses from a geocentric perspective, when they all occupied a certain place and time with the purpose of making psychological interpretations and there are even who do it for predictive purposes.

Synastry can be applied to any type of relationship, starting from couple relationships, parents and children, partners, friends, lovers, relatives or any other type of relationship in question. With this study, strategies can be established that enhance cooperation and positive interaction within the relationship studied.

The word «synastry» comes from ancient Greek and means syn «more» and astron «star» which could be summed up as «more stars» and this can be interpreted as the result obtained by combining the astrological charts of two people. Over time, synastry has been an active part of astrology, helping with self-knowledge, getting to know other people and, therefore, improving relationships between them. It is important to mention that this name has been given to it very recently, but the action itself goes hand in hand with the origin of astrology.

The compatibility between the zodiacal signs can occur according to the following factors: Due to their element (air, fire, earth and water), due to their nature (feminine and masculine), due to their opposite, due to the planet that rules them and all these characteristics in combination define the personality of each person and allow to measure the levels of compatibility between them.

Although astrology may not be exact, it is of the utmost importance that we consider carrying out an analysis of the natal charts when establishing any type of relationship, this with the aim of optimizing and harmonizing any tension that may exist, and even just to have an understanding of why we tend to bump into some people more than others. Synastry can be our greatest ally to achieve success in certain relationships or to make us understand their complexity and thus find the pertinent solutions for each case.