In the month of december the winter and summer solstice occur in the northern and southern hemispheres, respectively; Christmas and New Year celebrations are held according to the Gregorian calendar and those born under the sign of Sagittarius. Join us and learn everything about this sign belonging to the fire element.

In the world of astrology, Sagittarius is the ninth sun signthe fifth of masculine positive nature and of double or mutable quality. This box in the birth chart is represented by the date and the archer, this Fire sign symbolizes higher consciousness.

Ruled by the largest planet in the Solar System, Jupiterthis element sign Fire is compatible socially and in love with Geminibelonging to element Air. Astrology indicates that this compatibility between these two signs with different elements is superior in contrast to the signs of the water and earth elements.

Same as him Yin Yang -Every good thing has something bad. Everything bad has something good -, those born between the November 22 and December 21 They have the peculiarity of being intellectual, honest, sincere and friendly people. One of their greatest characteristics is optimism to the point that they sometimes become extremely irresponsible.

Additionally, they are individuals empathetic and understandingThey are fascinated by travel, they are attached to the laws and adventure. However, they can become superficial, careless and extremely restless people. A maxim that you will have to keep in mind for those born under this sign is that they do not like to feel tied to any type of responsibility.

For these reasons, Sagittarians often draw attention to their charming way of carrying their things and their exacerbated optimism that makes you think that your inner child is more alive than ever. Regardless of how your day is, you will always be greeted with a pleasant smile.

If among your friends you have a Sagittarius, do not hesitate to invite him on a trip, he is the perfect adventure companion who will not stop until he finds new and better destinations. The gentlemen of this sign tend to wander from place to place and do not like to feel watched.

Similarly, in its condition as a sign of mutable modality They tend to duality. At times she will not be able to keep track of him regarding his philosophical need to face difficulties, but her playful side will make him spend pleasant moments.

You may be annoyed for some reason Sagittarius for his particular way of dressing. This unfolding in Sagittarius will make it look Elegant one day and the next, extremely careless.

If something has Sagittarius that can be counterproductive for the emotional stability of any couple, it is their constant need to change the environment.

This itch to alternate space is often related to the instability of Sagittarians regardless of their gender. This peculiarity does not make it a bad sign; on the contrary, they tend to listen and give good advice. Sagittarius has the strength of fire elementbut with the tranquility of Air.