The cameo is an elegant piece of jewelry that is in fashion managing to captivate looks and fall in love with each person who observes him. This precious brooch or pendant is considered among the most valued jewels in world markets and is an element that enhances the best time for women on earth.

Cameos are originally carved with relief of a figure in a hard and precious stone called onyx, but nowadays there are methods to make them in any other precious stone, this has allowed many non-legitimate copies of these beautiful pieces to exist.

Normally the stones used to make cameos are agates, taking advantage of its color, lowering the layers of and giving relief to its figure. If you want to obtain any of these relics, you must be sure that it is original, because with glass and enamels they are usually counterfeit.

These stones are full of history from their beginnings in the voyages of discovery and colonization. It is said that during the sixteenth century it was discovered that the shell of the shells, which was used by the craft centers of the time to make cameos.

Great characters in history like Elizabeth I or Catherine the Great they used cameos for a long time, managing to make them more famous among the general public. Also, the Queen Victoria made them fashionable and continued to improve the features so that it can look like the ones we know today.

How to know when a cameo is false, the expertise must begin by identifying the materials it has, normally the genuine ones are made with shells or natural stones, while the painted ones are usually made of porcelain or similar materials.

Among the main characteristics are its relief made with natural material. One of the tests carried out by experts in the field is to place them in the light to identify if cracks are observed inside the mineral, so there should be no damage. On the other hand, those made with soft plastic break very easily. There are specific cases in which some natural cameos have some type of scratching, which makes them lose their value in the market, because their authenticity is doubted.

Another element to take into consideration is that most of the ancient cameos have an image facing to the right, there is no record that genuine stones have these images facing forward, in other cases it is facing to the left.

Currently these beautiful pieces have become fashionable again and are highly valued on the world market, because they are used by models on the best catwalks in the world, however, depending on their size, some affordable options can be found. Fashion is changeable, but unique pieces like these are difficult to go out of style. The important thing is to know where to buy them and that their beauty is in line with the way people are and dress.