Though black gold is not well known in the world of jewelry. In recent years this has been changing and its popularity has been increasing thanks to its unique and avant-garde appearance. Definitely a daring and unconventional jewelry choice, but one that is not without a striking and beautiful appearance.

Although other metals with this tonality are used in jewelry black gold It has different advantages, by which it stands out from the others. So, if you want to know a little more about this new material, in this article we will tell you everything you need to know.

What is black gold?

Though black gold it does not exist as such, since naturally gold is yellow. Currently, thanks to new technologies and methods, different varieties of gold can be obtained. Like yellow gold, they have also become popular, among them we have rose gold, green, white, blue and of course black. Therefore, it is only yellow gold that has been treated to transform its natural color.

How can black gold be created?

There are three different ways to create gold with this hue, which are:


To create black gold using this method, yellow gold is usually mixed with another metal such as cobalt. In a ratio that is normally 3 parts gold to 1 part metal. However, although the result is called an alloy, it is actually not. Well, the black color is only on the surface, unlike other gold alloys where metals are combined.


In this method, which by the way is the most used to create black gold, as it is the most affordable option. The gold jewel is covered with a layer of precious metal with a black finish, which is usually black rhodium or ruthenium. Mixing rhodium, for example, gives gold a shiny, polished surface. While ruthenium provides a slightly harder coating.

However, electroplating has the disadvantage that over time the color fades and the part needs to be re-coated.

Black gold treated with femto-second laser

Using this newly discovered method, color is formed through the creation of nanostructures on the metal surface. An effect that is achieved with the use of a powerful femto-second laser, which is capable of applying large amounts of energy focused on the surface. Causing it to absorb all light that falls on it, resulting in a deep black metal. Thus, it is the most durable method.

But unfortunately it is the least used as it is extremely expensive. Therefore, the black gold jewelry that currently exists is not the result of this method. Although in the future if this technology becomes more affordable, it would provide the jewelry industry with a very durable version of black gold.

What is its value?

Like other types of colored gold, the value of black gold depends on the amount of pure gold in the jewel. Since the black metals that are used to create black gold do not add or decrease the original value of gold. That is, the higher the percentage of gold, the more valuable the piece will be. Also, as gold maintains its value, the value of black gold will also remain constant.

Black gold compared to other black materials employees in the jewelry

Currently, in addition to black gold, in the world of jewelry we have other black materials that also have their advantages. Between them we have:

black tungsten

It is actually a composite material of tungsten carbide. An alloy of 80% tungsten and 20% a mixture of carbon and other metals. It is highly scratch resistant and capable of maintaining its finish for a long time. In addition, it is hypoallergenic and very economical. Although the only disadvantage is that it can break if it receives a strong blow.

The jewelry set black pottery

The eternal shine and its uniform color throughout the piece are the main characteristics for which it is known in jewelry, where it is mainly used to make rings, as it is a very affordable option. Unfortunately, like tungsten, this material can break or crack if bumped or dropped.

the black titanium

Black Titanium is an affordable material that is extremely durable, lightweight and corrosion resistant. Likewise, it is soft, shiny and has hypoallergenic properties. However, its main disadvantage is that it cannot be resized, so making it smaller or larger is costly. In addition to that its surface can show marks and scratches over time.

The black carbon fiber

Although not a metal, this material is very strong, durable, highly heat resistant, and quite light. Other advantages are its affordable price, its hypoallergenic properties and little wear and tear with use. Besides that it is easy to combine it with other noble metals such as gold and platinum.

After analyzing these options, you have surely noticed that they all have their pros and, in some cases, also their cons. Nevertheless, black gold it is not as hard, scratch-resistant, or as durable as the materials mentioned. But since it contains gold in its composition, it is much more valuable.

Also, it has an advantage, compared to other black materials such as tungsten or carbon fiber. And it can be easily resized. Although resizing jewels often requires recoloring them, it is a useful option.

black gold jewelry

The color black is not very common in jewelry, which is why black jewelry is very striking. With the addition that they are very elegant, daring, and perfect to wear on any occasion.

However, as it is not a conventional color in jewelry, buying black gold jewelry can be a difficult task. Although currently the use of black gold engagement rings has become very popular. Becoming a modern alternative and alternative for those who want to get away from the traditional.

We find them together with colorless diamonds that give the rings a beautiful contrast and adapt to any occasion. But black gold ring settings can be combined with any gemstone. For example, for a solid black look, it can be paired with stones such as black diamonds, black onyx, or black moissanite.

On the other hand, if we want a slightly stronger contrast and with more color. A colored stone such as amethyst, sapphire or ruby ​​set in black gold will accentuate its beauty. On the other hand, keep in mind that pendants and earrings with this material are more durable. And they will require less maintenance than rings. since the latter is subject to greater exposure.

What if I don’t like my black gold jewelry?

The color in this metal is the product of a surface treatment. But it is not permanent, so it is possible to recolor your black gold jewelry with another color. For example, they can be turned into white gold with a transparent rhodium plating. Which represents less investment risk.

jewelry coating

Since most black gold jewelry out there is plated, this coating will inevitably wear off over time. Additionally, any time black gold jewelry is scratched or scraped, the gold beneath the black coating is exposed, which is known as «bleeding.» Therefore, if we want to maintain its color, the piece must be veneered again.

Unfortunately, depending on how much wear the jewelry shows, it may need to be replated every 6 months to two years. This represents a continuous expense and can cost approximately between 35 and 60 dollars each time it is required.


  • To prevent scratches black gold and expose the gold underneath, we must avoid rubbing or hitting the jewelry at all costs.
  • To clean black gold jewelry, it is enough to use a solution of warm soapy water. Also using a soft bristle brush to remove dirt and a cotton cloth to soften it.
  • If for any reason you notice that the plating is coming off. It is best to take it with a jeweler to recover its color, shine and splendor.
  • When storing black gold jewelry, it is best to place it in a cloth bag or lined box. This will prevent contact with other pieces of jewelry and keep them scratch-free.