There are 20 Mayan seals, one of them called Akbal, also known as The Nightthe peoples or tribes that make up this almanac are made up of the 4 races of color, of where these 20 solar races are born, 5 per color and are divided as follows: “Red Race: Initiator, duality between knowledge and ignorance; White Race: Refiner, duality between humility and pride; Blue Race: Transformative, duality between patience and impatience and the Yellow Race; Maturing, duality between maturity and immaturity, where freedom or slavery is involved”.

in the huge space this sign has great strengths that are achieved in the most intimate of the sensations and feelings of the human being, it is the chapel, the security, the hermitage; To give her an image, it can be assumed in the peace of the room, where she feels sheltered and protected by emotions of warmth, darkness, tranquility.

It has the strength of the cultivation of prosperity and the change of all probabilities, there nobody distinguishes between elevation or descent, there is no difference between today or yesterday, true or false, chimera or reality; when everything is in the process of creation, the stage of dreams gives many and enormous benefits; It is a moment in which the past and future are held in the same bosom as the present… this is the secret of the Night, which is where the truth is created, when the unconscious watches.

Another view of this seal is in the enigma, in our spirits, her body is a temple, a source of movement with enormous realities; with it you can perceive what it means to be fully human, with all the abilities and skills of which you are capable.

The Night has a number that identifies it, which is three, the vibration of balance, this makes it conform to the sacred third; in its sanctuary, the song of the Trinity sproutsfrom it comes the personal compass, from the depths of tranquility emerges the current that takes you in rhythm to a universal dream.

The color is blue black, it represents the womb of the entity, the prone condition to receive the light –giving birth-; represents total access to the wisdom of the unconscious, this is the field of creativity, it must penetrate the darkness of the matrix and remain seated in total and absolute tranquility; the journey of reflection and unification has begun.

Akbal means that he receives gifts that allow him to get inside, where his potential is, where dreams, knowledge and possibilities exist, by entering the force of the dream matrix, that place where everything is possible, he attracts the elements towards your life, which will create your integrity; Akbal teaches him the greatest truth about him: “what is contained in darkness has the great potential of light”; You must love yourself, only in this way can you advance with greater speed, change your beliefs, do not fear change, what appears to be a contraction within you, indicates the culmination of the circle.