Your next vacation can allocate an adventure to the most impressive lakes in the world. Natural mirrors, a natural reserve of fauna and flora, with climates that adapt to the most diverse tastes, in short, you cannot miss the following jewels of Mother Earth that are only waiting for you.

The nature under the water. For those who want to dive through an Austrian forest, the lake ‘Gruner See’ is your choice. With each thaw of the Hochschwab Mountains, the adjacent forest is totally submerged. The month of June will be the ideal date to take a walk like no other through this natural wonder.

Located in the Indian city of Jaipur, the ‘Man Sagar’ lake is recognized for having in the middle the palace of King Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, which dates back to the year 1700. Currently, the building is abandoned, but even so, This water-bearing gem is visited by hundreds of tourists each year to discover the legends and charms that still surround it.

Declared by UNESCO in 2012 as a World Heritage Site, the ‘Jellyfish’ Lake is located in Palau. Previously it had access to the ocean, but by closing this route, a huge population of jellyfish was trapped and protected from predators. All jellyfish have stinging cells, but like the ones in the ‘Jellyfish’ lake, they are so small that they are harmless to humans, which allows them to swim in the lake, and also dive around its moving inhabitants.

Lake Resia is another wonder of nature, but built by the hand of man. This artificial lake is located in northern Italy, and was created in 1950, when a dam was required for a tributary adjacent to the town. Of the buildings, the bell tower stands out above the water, which can be reached on foot when the lake freezes completely in winter.

A lake that has a volcano inside, that has a lake inside it, and inside this there is anotheror volcano. Yes, it exists on Luzon Island, the largest in the Philippines, and it’s called Lake ‘Taal. Geological studies found that within Lake Taal lies the island of ‘Taal’ volcano, and within this another lake is foundcalled ‘Crater’which keeps inside the ‘Point’ volcano.

In South America lies the Red Lake. Located at 3500 meters high in the north of Chile, the Red Lake offers an atmosphere of film, typical of the planet Mars. Its landscape offers a different vision of water, being of such a strong hue that it is similar to ink. Its waters are warm, so the depth has not yet been correctly determined.

The ‘Five Flower’ lake found in the Chinese region of Jiuzhaigou is a true diamond of nature. Its waters change color, maintaining a purity worthy of admiration, as it allows you to see from any point what lies at the bottom of the aquifer.