A password of 8 alphanumeric characters, 2 letters and 2 numbers: I can’t

Name: Angelica – Origin: Mexico

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It asks me for a password of 8 alphanumeric characters, 2 letters and 2 numbers: I don’t logo it

Response from ALEGSA.com.ar:

We constantly receive these types of inquiries. Web services add more and more restrictions to the formulation of passwords for security reasons, the problem is that they sometimes use technical language to express these requirements.

In this particular case, it asks you to have 8 characters in the password (I find it hard to believe that you are limited to only 8 characters, but that is what you have written). This means that the sum of the letters and numbers you use in the password must be exactly 8.

Then it asks you that those must have 2 letters and 2 numbers, this means that you cannot form the password using only letters or only numbers, but you must include both types.

I will give you some examples of passwords that come to mind at the moment and meet these requirements. I suggest not using them because this answer is public:


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