7 Chakras 7 Colors – Meanings and associations

7 Chakras 7 Colors

7 Chakras: Colors emit, according to their tonality, vibrations of different intensities that are perceived by the human body, reacting physically and emotionally to them. Each color emits a message, a stimulus, according to the frequency of its vibration that influences human beings whether we are aware of it or not.

Some colors warm and stimulate like red, yellow and orange; others, on the contrary, cool and produce relaxation, passivity, calm and harmony such as blue, green and violet.

Color also has emotional effects, as manifested by many expressions in Spanish that are used to refer to states of mind, such as «seeing everything black», «having a gray day», «being green», «having a brown», “turn red like a tomato”, “paint it pink”, “be on a pink cloud”, “stay white”, “stay blank”.

Many advertising messages rely on the emotional reactions produced by colors to achieve their persuasive ends. For example, hamburger restaurants, along with many other food products, use yellow and orange tones in their packaging designs, in their brand logos and in the decoration of their premises because they stimulate the appetite. The color that encourages consumption is red, which is widely used in tobacco brands and other commercial products. White is used to counteract harmful effects, as a symbol of purity and innocence.

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