If before it cost a lot to be beautiful, now without any effort we can be. Perhaps you are interested in changing your hair color, seeing how you would look with makeup in a way that is out of the ordinary, or maybe you want to learn about beauty, because through your cell phone you will be able to experience everything related through applications (apps). to these topics. Have your smartphone ready, because you will surely want to download some of the 5 best beauty applications that we will show you.

Beautylish: Makeup Beauty Tips. As the name of the application says, it provides tips for you to learn how to apply makeup as if you were a professional, where you will be seen on the cover. The most wonderful thing about the app is that it is free in Spanish and is available for Android and iOS platforms; It has a wide variety of quality tips that also tell you the best products that you should take into account when applying makeup. Beautylish has a section where you can learn how to do hairstyles, and do your nails, so you have everything to leave home beautiful.

Perfect365 (Perfect 365). If you are one of those who struggles to have a perfect selfie and you are not satisfied with any photo, put an end to that stress and download Perfect 365 with this application, your selfies will be like those of a movie star, even many celebrities use it. Its technology detects the face and all its features, you can modify what you don’t like and highlight what you do. It ranges from contouring the face to removing any imperfections and obtaining natural makeup. This app is free and available for Android and iOS.

Youcam MakeUp-Camera, selfie and magic mirror. If you don’t know how to put on makeup or what would look good on your face, skin tone or eye color, this application makes everything easy for you, since with it you can experience different types of casual, night, seasonal makeup, even some of the makeup is inspired by festive dates. It can also change the hair color so you know what tone suits you before you actually dye it and contains accessories for it. Available for Android and iOS.

Hairstyle Makeover. Designed to help you if you’re not sure what hairstyle you should do to go somewhere or maybe you want to change your look and don’t know what would suit you. The application will allow you to experiment with a variety of real hairstyles that by means of a photo of you, you will be able to see how each style looks on you and adjust it to your convenience. Only available for iOS devices.

Keep Shopping. If you love to buy beauty products, this is the ideal application, you will get your favorite brands, in addition to being up to date with new trending products, even before they are. It also provides home decorations, accessories, design and incredible showcases of the best fashion products. This also sends the updated prices of each item, in addition, Keep Shopping gives a lucky person a chance to win products. Available for Android and iOS

What do you think? You’re probably already downloading one of these amazing beauty apps to help you get that stunning look you want.