With all the technological advances that arise every day in the world, many people may wonder how these can influence fashion? Well, thanks to them and specifically the 3d print, the future of fashion seems destined to become a fabulous reality of the present.

Through a process of joining materials, known as “Additive manufacturing”, 3D printers are responsible for creating objects in three dimensions, from a digitized file. That is how Beautiful high-end dresses can be obtained by superimposing a few layers of fabric on top of each other, which are cut horizontally to ensure the good finish of the desired garment, until it is completely complete.

For the proper use of this printer, it is necessary to fully master the manufacturer’s instructions; In addition, the fundamentals for the use of archives CAD or “Computer Aided Design”, which are made with the help of a program that has been designed for modeling garments in 3D. Once the impression is made, the product will be like a colossal mountain of plaster, liquid plastic or any other material; Besides, it is very important to clean the remaining dust so as not to cause any kind of damage to the machine.

Without a doubt, the applications for this great printer have multiplied for any type of industry where its use is required, as in architecture or medicine, and its improvement for pharmaceutical research. In fashion designs it has been used specifically for making several prototypes or samples and to know how the final product would look. Like the establishment of human cells, this creation for the future has had the ability to print materials such as silk, cotton and other types of natural fibers.

In the same way, it has generated a great stir in the world of accessories, since the factories that produce them have been pioneers in using these printers, adapting their world to the technological revolution., since it is much easier for them to make an earring or a necklace in this way; this has been implemented by one of the most recognized brands in the world, Shapeways.

Although the 3d boom seems recent, the truth is that these printers have been used in the world of fashion since the year 2011specifically in the haute couture event “Fashion Week” from the city of Paris; being The designer Iris Van Herpen, the pioneer in the use of this technology for her designs. Currently, Van Herpen is one of the most influential designers thanks to the perfection that she has been acquiring in the treatment and manipulation of materials, although it is a matter of time, so that many more designers also reach the greatest number of people with their printable fashion. .

Definitely, this technology marks the beginning of a fashion whose only limit is the creativity of the designers, so it is possible that in the not too distant future, clothes will only be made using 3D printers.