Astrology not only dictates fortune in love, work and personal matters, but it can also help you to know the most propitious moments to get your fashion purchases right. Discover the trends in this 2016, according to your zodiac sign.

Aries: Red is the color that flatters you the most, so use it as a base in all your “outfits” whenever you want to have an extra self-esteem. Hats suit him, whatever his type, from caps to borsalinos.

Taurus: She loves soft textures like cashmere or silk. The shades that suit you best are pastel colors, mainly violet, pink and yellow. Do not forget to add accessories such as necklaces, foulards and scarves to your “looks”.

Gemini: It is one of the funniest signs of the zodiac and loves daring and different clothes. He highlights his beautiful hands and arms with statement rings and bracelets, and don’t forget the bags.

Cancer: The colors that best suit her are pearl, silver and matte white. He loves style clothes”vintage”and knows how to carry those “looks” like no one Highlight your charms with feminine lace blouses or low-cut tops.

Leo: Warm colors are your best allies, so be sure to wear yellow, orange, red, and even gold. Halter neckline dresses and jumpers will be the fetish items in your wardrobe.

Virgo: Lingerie dresses combined with leather garments will be a style reference for you, since they adapt perfectly to your personality. As for colors, always try to include earthy and greenish tones in your “looks”.

Pound: The shades that most favor him are blue, pink, yellow and green. What can’t be missing in your wardrobe? Roman sandals and «tops» with bare shoulders. You are a reference for the rest of the signs of the zodiac.

Scorpio: The vast majority of their clothing could be grouped into three basic colors: black, brown, and burgundy. He has a predilection for lingerie, and does not hesitate to wear them whenever the occasion and the outfit allow it.

Sagittarius: His style is casual and sporty. Try changing your style from time to time and opt for leather leggings or skinny jeans that show off your long legs.

Capricorn: It is best that you opt for skirts and pants of style rocker, because it is the one that favors you the most. Dare to add a little color to your «outfits» from time to time, you will surely be convinced by the result.

Aquarium: Bell bottoms, retro style shirts and sneakers will look great on you, take advantage of the fact that they are back in fashion! Whenever the weather allows it and you can wear sandals, don’t forget to add an anklet to complement your summer looks.

Pisces: Turquoise, aquamarine and sea green are the colors that suit you best, so don’t hesitate to include them in your looks. Pleated skirts and jackets from before are two of the garments that you should resort to whenever you want to have guaranteed success.