When you have someone you love with your soul, you are the luckiest person who can say I love you with each of their letters and if that feeling is reciprocated in the same measure, then without knowing it, it is the owner of the greatest wealth that anyone can have in the whole world.

Since love is sometimes made of small details and other times of great details, take advantage of this situation to serve a coffee for both of you when you wake up because you know that it is the moment you enjoy the most before starting the daily fight.

A call in the middle of the morning just to say I love you or how is your day going, sometimes brings with it a I love you too or better yet, see you for lunch and tell you, take your hand and give you a kiss.

When you know his schedule is loose one day, plan the meal in his own office, without calling, without warning, surprise him, bring a tablecloth, two glasses, wine, small bites that fascinate him, pamper him because they are always like big children who adore the surprises.

Cover him with surprise kisses, affection, warmth and passion, make him feel as he really is, the center of his life and the only path he wants to walk, without twists and turns or paths that divert him to any other north than his eyes. .

Make him feel his axis, that he is aware that his life revolves around him and that every detail exists for him and for him only, teach him to love and desire more love each day to give and receive itselfishly given to each other with an unbreakable bond.

Select a date when both of you are free for more than a weekend and whisk him away to one of the thousands of destinations to indulge in the sheer pleasure of being together; It doesn’t matter if it’s for reading, sleeping and many other things that will occur to them as time goes by.

The moments in couple take into account that they are always few, they are short and they are necessary, considering it, do not waste them but on the contrary, take advantage of them and please them during each moment they share.

Wait for him with a surprise meal, with lit candles, the perfume that pleases him, the favorite music, a smile on his lips, love in his heart, the light in his eyes and the promises in his body.

Surprisingly, the more time you spend with your partner, the more intense, deep and great your love for each other becomes, the fullness that represents the knowledge of every millimeter of your body, of every request in the look and of every desire expressed without words, is wonderful and incomparable.

The way of inserting the key in the door lock, the steps that are heard around the house, the way of leaning on the lintel of the bedroom door and that way of saying hello! when she arrives, it is the best that the day can give her; the return of her love, the return of all the feelings that she kept saved to give them to him.