we all know that healthy eating, provides our body with the necessary elements to properly perform its functions, and this is essential for our lives; so below we will give you 10 useful tips to achieve this goal; that will facilitate the development of healthy eating habits:

1. Start now and gradually make changes: To achieve healthy eating and well-being, you must start now, make the decision and start without giving it much thought. Then, the changes in your lifestyle should be achieved gradually, step by step. Make notes of the habits you need to change and what you need to do to achieve it.

2. Eat a variety of foods: Include a variety of foods in your diet, since more than 40 different nutrients are needed for the efficient functioning of our body, and no single food provides them. However, you must choose foods in a balanced way.

3. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables: Most people do not have the habit of consuming sufficient amounts of these foods, and greater importance should be given to their intake, because they provide basic nutrients that protect the body. You should try to eat at least three servings a day.

4. Eat a diet rich in carbohydrate foods: To maintain a healthy diet, 60% of the daily calorie intake should come from foods rich in carbohydrates, such as pasta, rice, potatoes, bread and other cereals; but generally we are told that they should not be eaten, because we gain weight, and this is a mistake. The ideal is to eat more fiber with the contribution of wholemeal bread and pasta; and moderate amounts.

5. Drink enough fluids: Adults need to consume at least 1.5 liters of liquids a day; and if the weather is very hot, or you have done a lot of exercise, the amount should be greater; because hydration is a fundamental element to live. Obviously, water is the main liquid that should be consumed, but fruit juices without sugar should also be included in the group, preferably, although moderate amounts would not represent a problem, it all depends on your state of health.

6. Eat moderate portions: Maintaining a balanced diet that provides you with a healthy diet does not mean that you should eliminate foods, but rather reduce the quantities; because this way you can consume all the food groups and give your body the necessary nutrients, without exceeding the amount of calories.

7. Don’t skip meals: To have a healthy diet, you must eat regularly, avoid skipping meals often; especially breakfast, because this can lead you to constantly have the feeling of uncontrolled hunger, which causes an exaggerated food consumption, or greater than required; so keeping the main meals is ideal.

8. Try to have an appropriate body weight for your height and age: We know that the correct weight for each person depends on factors such as age, sex, height and genetics; and if you do not try to have a healthy diet to be at the right weight, you can become overweight, increasing the risk of cardiovascular, bone, respiratory, circulatory, joint diseases, etc.

Seeking the proper body weight begins by learning about the number of calories you should consume, and the foods that provide the nutrients you need, which ones you should avoid or eat in smaller amounts, in order to draw up the diet that provides you with a healthy diet, according to the aforementioned factors; avoiding excess fats, which are the ones that provide the greatest amount of calories.

9. Stay active: To have a healthy diet, you must avoid eating too many calories, which will lead to inevitable weight gain, even more so if you do not exercise, so make physical activity your best friend, your number one ally, because this will help you burn excess calories; and will motivate us to maintain a healthy diet.

Let’s remember that physical activity strengthens the circulatory system and therefore the heart, and is a basic element to maintain a good state of health and comprehensive well-being; so stay active, do not adopt a sedentary lifestyle as a way of life and find a way to move, do not use the elevator, avoid always riding in the car, walk while talking on the cell phone, all this will help you stay in shape.

10. Always look for balance: We all like some foods that we are told are harmful, but we remind you that there are no good or bad foods, there are only good, average or bad meal plans. So don’t get discouraged, you can eat what you like, only you should try to find a balance, and those products that are less recommended for your health, consume them in appropriate amounts, and you will see that later you will not need them much.