The lettuce It is a vegetable with more benefits than just helping with weight loss. The lettuce It is an herb that can be consumed at any time of the year. Qualified as one of the foods with the highest water content, around 90 to 95%, the lettuce it is also a powerful source of antioxidants (vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, B3, B9 and K); and minerals (phosphorus, iron, calcium, potassium and amino acids).

The history of lettuce goes back years. Research found that the lettuce it appears in the old legislative act ‘Capitulare de villis vel curtis imperii’, directed by the emperor, Charlemagne, at the end of the 8th century. In such a legislative document, Charlemagne makes claims for cultivated fields for the cultivation of certain foods, including the so-called ‘Lectuca’, known today as the lettuce. Wikipedia. (nd)

Regarding its benefits, the nutritionist, Rodrigo Fernández, a member of the Argentine Association of Dietitians and Dietitians Nutritionists, explains that the lettuce It has a very low amount of calories, being mostly high in water and in a minority of carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

As for the constitution of the lettuce, the expert points out that “of its vitamin content, the presence of folates should be highlighted. Folates participate in the synthesis of red and white blood cells, and the production of antibodies of the immune system. In addition, vitamin A is essential for the sense of vision, hair, mucous membranes, good skin and bone health.”

Another benefit of lettuce is its content of vitamin E, which takes control of the stability of blood cells, «intervening in fertility and has an important antioxidant function, as well as vitamin C, which is responsible for synthesizing collagen, red blood cells, teeth and bones.”

As a curious fact, there are certain parts of the lettuce that you should not waste, because, according to Fernández, these concentrate most of the vitamins and minerals. They are the outermost leaves. So when choosing a lettuceensure that the outer leaves are suitable for consumption.

The spearhead of the lettuce it is the way in which it collaborates in weight loss treatments, or in the routine of a balanced diet. The expert describes the lettuce It has a high water content and a very low content of sugars, proteins and fat.

Besides, the lettuce it has a high fiber content, “which produces an important feeling of satiety after having consumed it. This makes it a highly recommended food in weight control diets. It is also a food that improves intestinal transit due to its fiber content, making it useful in cases of constipation. It favors the elimination of liquids, due to its potassium content, low sodium and a high amount of water. It is also considered a sleep inducer.” Coachdenutricion.com (September 15, 2010)