Zodiac signs with the BEST HOROSCOPES for October 19 and 20

Venus in Libra has been helping achieve greater balance and reciprocity in their romantic relationship all aspects of your life.

Known mainly for being the planet of love, Venus also rules finances and even real estate.what really makes this a planet that It has a wide influence on your life.

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In just a few days, Venus becomes scorpiowhich means a moment of growing intensity and passionHowever, this week before that happens, and specifically today, it intersects with Pluto in Capricorn, Mars in Gemini, and the Sun in Libra.

One of the most important is the close alignment with the Sun that this planet is having and that is known as the rare Venus in the star point.

This particular aspect in Libra It hasn’t happened since the 1700s. marking a period of transformative energy for you and your life with an incredible moment of opportunity.

The Star Point of Venus, of the Rose of Venus, as it is sometimes called, is about amplify the higher heart energy that is within your own heart chakra.

During this change, you will be able to feel the true meaning of love and it is an overwhelming power to change yourself and your life thanks to it.

Like Venus in star point too creates an alliance with her heavenly lover Mars in Gemini and squares Pluto in Capricorn, brings a rebirth from the ashes of your life.

venus and mars together create the perfect environment for love Y do what you love as it reaches its crisis point with Pluto that it encourages you to take everything that is subconscious and bring it out into the open.

It may still seem like there is some kind of restriction with Saturn still retrograde for a few more days, however, the Venus Starpoint is a immensely powerful astrological influence who can probably help you overcome any recent obstacles or challenges you have experienced.

Amplifying this incredible high heart energy, the Moon today is in Leo, a zodiac sign that is characterized by following the heart at all costs while the Moon helps you connect with your deepest emotions.

Together, this energy points in one direction and is the same as your heart.

Following your heart means that you are honoring your truth and trusting yourself to always know precisely the direction you need to go.

With the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio just a few days away, it’s an amazing time to take risks, speak your truth, and trust that there is a higher power guiding you and the decisions you make.

Eclipses represent moments of wild energy, and while following your heart will always lead you in the direction you need to go, you may have to get a little wild to get there.

The zodiac signs that will be most influenced and favored by this astrological transit on Wednesday 19 and Thursday 20 October:

1. Aries (March 21 – April 19)

All of this Libra energy right now, especially with Venus Star Point, is having a direct impact on your romantic life. If there has been a reflection on whether or not you are in the relationship you really want, this star point could bring you the end of this cycle that you have felt entangled in for years.

It can also help bring about a reconnection within your relationship or a new lease on love. There is a feeling that this is a period of rebirth where you will be able to start anew, whether you are single or attached. Be sure to allow yourself to see endings and beginnings where they appear today because this is truly a once-in-a-lifetime energy for you.

2. Libra (September 23 – October 22)

For you as a Libra, today’s Venus Star Point will magnify the path of personal growth you have been on since last year. As part of the cycle of Venus, these stellar points are its beginning to become a morning star instead of an evening one. A moment when you are able to be reborn from your own darkness.

During today’s energy, look for ways you can come out into the open and take up more space in your life.

While personal growth is often a purely inside job, it’s also time you knew when to take the lead in your own life. This will affect your own presence within your life, as well as the energy that anyone else brings to you.

3. Leo (July 23 – August 22)

The Moon is in your sign all day today as the energy of Venus at its starpoint peaks and gives you a true sense of being able to follow your heart. As much as this is a feeling that rules your zodiac sign, you can often question your heart too much or even completely ignore it because you haven’t yet learned what voice is inside of you.

Today’s energy helps you tune in to this heart-centered energy and understand that it is the most authentic part of yourself, allowing you to start listening to it more.

This will have a strong effect not only on your romantic relationship but also on your career, which means that now is the time to really start creating a life that you love completely.