Zodiac signs that keep their promises in love

Do you know what are the signs of the zodiac who keep their promises in couple relationships? This is very important in a relationship, as trust should never be lost.

Have you ever wondered why couples who get married make vows and promise to «love each other until death do them part»? Well, because a promise is something very serious; It is a verbal pact that involves honor, so the ability to keep promises speaks highly of a person and her loyalty.

But, How to know if your boyfriend will keep his promises or not? You have three paths: ask him and believe his answer, wait for him to prove it to you with his actions, or trust astrology. Those who know the influence of the stars on the personality of human beings know that it is possible to determine whether or not an individual fulfills his promises only with his zodiac sign.

3 zodiac signs that keep their promises to their partners

If you are thinking of getting serious with someone and you even dream of spending your whole life by their side, keep in mind their astrological ability to keep promises.

3. Capricorn

Although for a Capricorn his own affairs are always more important than those of others (even if it is the person he loves, and he does not love him less for that), he will eventually try to fulfill what he has said he will do; And it is that if this sign is clear about something, it is that he will never promise something that he knows in advance that he will not fulfill.

2. Virgo

A Virgo has it easy, because he promises and keeps, but he only makes the promises that he has planned to keep and that fit his plans; Since he is psycho-rigid and neurotic, he plans everything to the millimeter and in such a way that when he promises something, it is likely that he has already evaluated all other options and his promise seems to be the best option.

1. Scorpio

This sign is at number one on this list because his pride forces him to fulfill what he promises, even if his life depends on it; the difficult thing will be to do what he promises, because he will resist until the last minute; but once he has promised something, you can sit back and wait, because he is one hundred percent sure that he will keep it.

What do you think? For you, Which sign is the most unfulfilled in love? Write what you think in the comments of this note, and share it on your social networks! Your friends and friends will find it interesting.

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