Zodiac signs that are the hardest to fall in love with

These are the most difficult signs to fall in love with in the entire Zodiac. In addition, we tell you how to move the floor. What a date!

Falling in love is one of the most exciting things that can happen to us in life, but like everything, it has its positive side and its negative side. The positive is that, if we are reciprocated, we can build a beautiful love relationship; the negative is that they can break our hearts into a thousand pieces. Some people form a strong shell around themselves that prevents them from falling in love so easily in order to avoid being mistreated; how thick that armor is or isn’t depends on your zodiac sign.

These are the 3 most difficult zodiac signs to fall in love with

TAURUS: Tauruses are very earthy, skeptical and incredulous by nature, so it will not be easy to sweeten their ears or make them fall in love with promises.

They believe more in actions than in words and often manage their hearts in such a way that they manage not to fall in love 100% of their own free will. His weak point is sex, because if you manage to become his dream dust, he will fall at your feet!

LEO: Falling in love with a Leo is very difficult because they are so egotistical that it is hard for them to stop looking at themselves to open their eyes and see who loves them.

In short, a Leo will always think that he can get something better than what he has, so he will always have a little field in his heart, just in case the true love of his life arrives. The way to make them fall in love is not very healthy for the couple, since it consists of deifying them and making them the owners and lords of the relationship.

VIRGO: The natives of this sign cannot avoid feeling mistrust of all the people who approach them in any area of ​​their lives, because they always think that they have a hidden interest, even in love; That is why it is very difficult for them to fall in love, because all the time they think that that special person is lying to them.

What they really hide is a problem of insecurity, because they don’t buy the story that someone can truly love them. You will be able to cross its walls if you put yourself at its moral level in every way and are 100% transparent, since it values, above all, honesty.

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