Zharick León showed how he dreams between the sheets

The Cartagena Zharick León let us see as he dreams between sheets with a better world, but nobody expected him to do it without underwear.

His photograph left more than one who is watching the novel again these days. «Passion of Hawks».

naked, Zharick appeared on his social networks, a waste of beauty, sensuality and even tenderness for the text with which he shared the image.

Zharick León showed how he dreams between the sheets

“Between sheets… dreaming of a better world”

It is not common for the actress to publish these types of photographs on your social networks, perhaps it is what makes your photo so attractive and that it has so many “Likes”.

The actress with this image joined the group of celebrities who participated in the novel Pasión de Gavilanes and who have posed nude.

In fact, Zharick León is still just as cute than when I play the beautiful Rosario Montes in the popular soap opera that Canal Caracol is repeating.

In recent days, Zharick shared an image in which he invited his followers not to miss the premiere of the novel that was took over the rating since its launch.

Let us remember that Zharick currently appears in two productions that are repeated, «Passion of Hawks» of Snail Channel Y «Dona Bella» of RCN Channel where she is the main character.

With information from Caracol TV