Zharick León in Pasión de Gavilanes Tremendous body!

Beautiful, that’s how it looked Zharick León in Passion of Gavilanesthe Cartagena actress has become fashionable again due to the repetition of this soap opera on Canal Caracol.

The well-remembered actress who played «Rosario Montes» in «Passion of Gavilanes» He wore very tight clothes in the best cowboy style, what made her look sensual especially when he was wearing the leather pants.

The 45-year-old from Cartagena was one of the most beautiful women and one of the most important characters in the novel, she fell in love with Franco Reyes and was also the singer of the Bar Alcalá.

Zharick León in Pasión de Gavilanes Tremendous body!

The photo was shared on Twitter and it shows a Zharick Leon pretty youngwearing tight pants, a top and a cowgirl hat.

Since the Canal Caracol is repeating the soap operamany of his characters have been reactivated on social networks, some telling stories of how they experienced those recordings.

In addition, the Canal RCN will present again the novel “Doña Bella” in which Zharick was the protagonist next to the heartthrob Fabian Ríos.

The beautiful Zharick León has also participated in productions such as “La Pola”, “The law of the Heart”, “Garzón lives” and “The dance of Life”.

Regardless of how long it’s been since Zharick played Rosario Montes, the actress continues to show that her beauty is still intact and we can see it on your Instagram account.

Do you think the Cartagena actress has changed a lot, little or nothing over time? Leave your opinion in the comments.

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