Yuri conquers more followers on networks! You won’t believe how old he is!

Yuri, Mexican singer recognized for singing the popular and famous song Damn Spring (we have all sung it) and now it is a jury of The voice Kids, He has given much to talk about for his physical attractiveness despite his age.

Yuri enjoys a second honeymoon with the popularity. The Mexican singer is the main adviser of La Voz Kids. She has infected the participants of this musical contest with her joy and experience. In the company of Fanny Lu they have made a great team, a lot of them work with the children, but there is also time to have fun, in this case move the hip.

But at 54 years old, she has become quite a ‘cuchibarbie’‘. That proves it with his 932 thousand followers on Instagram. There are many photos (he has almost 3500) where he demonstrates his beauty. And he gets a lot of compliments in the comments.

Although he is always recognized principally for the cursed spring, Yuri has had an extensive career as a singer and actress. In Mexico she has also participated in the local version of The voice and in other realities.

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Taken from: CandelaEstereo