Youtuber Luisito communicates was arrested in Venezuela

Luisito Comunica was arrested in Venezuela for a few hours by the police while he began to record one of his videos in a rather dangerous area of ​​the capital of that country.

The young Mexican moved to Venezuelan territory together with his girlfriend, Arianny Tenorio, to make content in the city of Caracas. The audiovisual creator feels a special affection for Venezuela, not only because his partner is of that nationality, but also because he also bought a house in front of the beach in a beautiful town called Lechería in the State of Anzoátegui.

In one of his most recent appearances on Venezuelan soil, the youtuber wanted to make a video to show one of the most dangerous areas of Caracas. But what he never imagined is that he would end up being arrested for a few hours while he started making the audiovisual production.

Youtuber Luisito communicates was arrested in Venezuela

Luisito, was preparing for a long time a series of contents in which he would portray life in the renowned Cota 905. This is also one of the most dangerous in Caracas and the young man came there to document the daily life of the people of this sector. But he took longer to get the camera than to be arrested by the authorities.

In addition to paralyzing the streets of the sector, Luisito Comunica aroused alerts from the authorities who thought that he could put his life at risk. The same youtuber stated: “I put myself at risk and the authorities acted to take care of me, keep me safe and I am fully responsible for going to the place where I was detained and it was my fault that I did not investigate enough.”

After being arrested, the police officers took Luisito to a station where they kept his camera and mobile phone. Also, they investigated him and after about 3 hours, they released him. Of course, Luisito took the opportunity to record a video in which he shares his experience after his arrest with his more than 32 million followers.

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