Young woman ticketed a surgeon by watching a tutorial on the procedure on YouTube

Like in a horror movie! A young man ticketed a surgeon watching a tutorial on the procedure on Youtube and just before entering the operating room. You imagine?

One of the situations in which any human being feels vulnerable is when he leaves his body in charge of the doctors in the operating room, because there trust in the suitability of the professional is key, both for the tranquility of the patient and for that of the family.

However, sometimes it’s scary putting your life in someone else’s handsespecially when it does not seem very professional and that, apparently, is the case that is shown in the viral TikTok video that we share with you in this note.

This is the video with which young man ticketed a surgeon watching a tutorial on the procedure on Youtube

On the isabellely6 TikTok account, you can see a video in which a woman appears from behind looking at a YouTube video on a screen that, apparently, would be a tutorial of the procedure that she was going to perform on a young patient. Everything happens in what seems to be a hospital.

“The doctor looking at a YouTube tutorial on how to cure my cyst.”

“He got his Ph.D. from YouTube University.”

The young woman wrote in the clip.

The video quickly went viral on said social network, obtaining 1M likes and almost 10 thousand comments. Also, 25K was shared.

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