Young woman from Bogota was blocked by a suitor when living in Suba

Can not be! Young Bogotana was blocked by her suitor for living in Suba.

Sometimes, when we mention to our friends in the neighborhood where we live, the surprise on their faces is absolutely evident, since it seems to many that it’s a pretty remote place which requires an elaborate travel plan to get there.

Although this is usually a source of jokes and teasing among a group, it is not considered by most to be a reason to sever the ties of friendship. However, as absurd as it sounds, there are some who are rejected by their place of residence.

This was the case of a young woman from Bogota who, through her TikTok account, recounted how a suitor removed her from all her networks for living in Suba, Rincón.

This is the story of the young woman from Bogotá who was blocked by her suitor for living in Suba

In a video that has gone viral on networksthe young woman, who calls herself majo_bakerbikerreported that a few months ago he met a boy who immediately asked for his number to chat.

There he confessed that he did not give it to him from the start because he usually prefers to start conversations through Instagram, not with the aim of obtaining followers but of Get to know a little more about the person through their publications.

She assured that when she saw the subject’s profile she realized that he was a person of a higher economic stratum than hers, since he had visited the United States on different occasions while she «didn’t even know the sea.»

Aware of their differences, she decided to keep talking and going on dates with him, emphasizing that although I knew that he lived in Suba, I did not know where specificallybecause every time they met, he would pick her up at his friends’ houses.

But after two weeks, one day the young man decided to ask her out, so he asked for her address to pick her up. Laughing, the young woman told that As soon as he found out where she lived, he blocked her from all his networks.

“He told me: ‘Hey, I’m going to go out for you, send me your address.’ The fact is that I sent it to him. I suppose that the man looked on Google Maps and saw that my neighborhood is shit and he blocked me WhatsApp and Instagram.”

Finally Majo, who accumulates more than 6,600 followers on said platform, he advised his followers not to go out with people of higher economic status.

Here his video:

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