Young people with makeup revolutionize the networks

As a singer out there would say “The revolution” of makeup has arrived and makeup for boys has become fashionable, a field that is no longer exclusive to women, now it is, oh my God!

Manny Gutierrez and Gabriel Zamora lead the trend of “Beauty Boys”a group of makeup experts who have revolutionized social networks and seem to be the answer to the big cosmetics brands that want to capture the incipient male market, without losing women.

Although beauty and grooming products companies had seen an increase in the consumption of products for men for years, they had mainly concentrated on more sophisticated versions of the traditional ones.

“More hair gels, aftershave moisturizers, a greater variety of aftershaves: this was the time when everyone was talking about the metrosexual man”clarified to Eph the makeup artist Gustavo Hernandezwho works at the counter of a luxury brand of cosmetics in a department store Boca Raton, Florida (USA).

It was in October 2016, when the cosmetics house “Covergirl” went a step further by announcing its first “Cover Boy” (Cover boy).

In a ceremony presided over by the American singer Katy Perryone of the celebrities promoting the brand, the company introduced James Charles, a 17-year-old high school student, who at the time had more than half a million followers on Instagram.

The initiative was later followed by Maybellineits rival in the sales of cosmetics in drugstores, supermarkets and large discount stores.

The chosen one on that occasion was Manny Gutiérrez, who has more than three million followers on Instagram and almost two million on his YouTube channel.

Now, both Gutiérrez, who is known on social media as Manny MuaWhat james charlesare promoting mascaras.

However, the signature MAC He went a little further and revealed that in April he will present a lipstick created in collaboration with the young Gabriel Zamora, who has a YouTube channel with makeup tutorials for men in English and Spanish.

“For me it is important to work with a company that accepts all kinds of people as they are”said Zamora, who acknowledged that one of the things that most made him decide to accept the offer of MAC It was the collection that he took out this year inspired by the singer Selena.

Gutierrez had already associated with the firm Ofra Cosmeticswith which she launched her own eyeshadow palette and a set of lipsticks under the name Manny Mau.

“Until a couple of years ago it was not normal to see men wearing makeup. Things are not as open as they are now.»Gutierrez said in an interview with the US edition of Marie Claire magazine «It’s great to see so many guys putting on makeup»he cheered.

Most people associate the phenomenon of “Beauty Boys” with transvestites and transgender men, but Gutierrez He assures that this is not his case or that of most of the “influencers” masculine in the world of beauty in social networks.

«It’s about transforming your face so that it looks different». It is giving yourself the freedom to create,” he explained.

Taken from The World