Young man proposed to a girl in full swing but she rejected him

In social networks circulates a video in which it is seen how a young man proposed to a girl in full swing but she rejected him. Oh no!

In the midst of the protests that have spread throughout the country on the occasion of the National Strike against the Tax Reform, the Health Reform and the Pension Reformin addition to the excesses, the peaceful protests and the alleged abuses of authority by members of the National Police and ESMAD, Some moments have been recorded on video that despite the difficult moment the country is facing, They generate one or another laugh.

This was the case of a young man who took advantage of the demonstrations to open his heart and show his feelings to a girlbut unfortunately his manifestation of love was not well received, so he was ridiculed before the eyes of hundreds of citizens who mobilized.

Young man proposed to a girl in full swing but she rejected him

According to national media, the funny event took place in Buenaventura. Over there, the young man brought his crush a bouquet full of flowers and heart-shaped balloons, and with some heartfelt words he confessed his great love. However, the statement did not go as she expected.

For although the crowd shouted «Let him say yes, let him say yes!»the young woman visibly embarrassed covered his face with his hand and later knocked down the pompous gift of the lover while apparently reproaching him for his act.

At his reaction, immediately those present began to boo her while the young man bows, quite affected.

Until now The images have gone viral on social networks and have generated all kinds of comments:

“Oh no, poor thing :(“, “She deserves it for the tremendous embarrassment she made her go through…poor thing! NO… SHE DOESN’T HAVE TO FEEL OBLIGATED BECAUSE OTHERS SAY YES…”.

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